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4th SportAccord World Mind Games

IGF Ranka - Mon, 24/11/2014 - 01:05

The 4th SportAccord World Mind Games (chess, contract bridge, draughts, go, xiangqi) will be held in Beijing December 11-17.

The go competition will follow the same format as last year: 18 men representing China, Chinese Taipei, Europe, Japan, Korea, and North America will vie in a three-man team round-robin; 12 women from the same areas will compete as individuals in a double knockout; and 16 of these players will also compete in a single knockout mixed pair tournament.

Last year the Chinese and Korean men’s teams staged a riveting fight for the gold medal, which went to the Korean team when their third player beat his Chinese opponent by a fraction of a point. China will try to even the score this year with a team of three young world title-holders. Korea will counter with a team consisting of two of its medalists from 2012 and 2013 and a young player named Na who recently won the Korean Prices Information Cup. Japan, after going home empty-handed last year, will field an all new team drawn from Nagoya and Osaka. Their first assignment will be to avenge last year’s defeat at the hands of Chinese Taipei.

The fight for the women’s medals will be very tough. Judging from recent international competition, the field includes the world’s current top three women, or at least three of the top four, all Chinese or Korean. Players from the other areas will be trying to break the Chinese-Korean medal monopoly of previous years.

Tuo Jiaxi (left) and Hajin Lee, go ambassadors at the 4th SAWMG

In pair competition, China, Japan, and Korea will enter five teenaged players and one (Na) who is just twenty. Chinese Taipei, whose teenaged pair took the silver medal last year, will let a new and older pair to try to match or better that feat. Europe is entering three pairs and North America one; it should be a lively three rounds.

Tuo Jiaxi from the Chinese men’s team and Lee Hajin, secretary general of the International Go Federation, will also act as go ambassadors. They and the ambassadors from the other four disciplines will take part in various social and publicity events.

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4th SAWMG – Contestants

IGF Ranka - Sun, 23/11/2014 - 11:20
China Zhiying YU Yuting MI Jiaxi TUO Yue SHI Naiwei RUI Age: 17 Age: 18 Age: 23 Age: 23 Age: 50 5 Dan Pro 9 Dan Pro 9 Dan Pro 9 Dan Pro 9 Dan Pro Cat: Women’s Ind./Pair Men’s Team/Pair Cat: Men’s Team Cat: Men’s Team Cat: Women’s Ind. Chinese Taipei Kai-Hsin CHANG Li-Hsiang LIN Shih-Iuan CHEN Che-Hao CHANG Joanne MISSINGHAM Age: 34 Age: 21 Age: 29 Age: 28 Age: 20 4 Dan Pro 6 Dan Pro 9 Dan Pro 5 Dan Pro 6 Dan Pro Cat: Women’s Ind./Pair Cat: Men’s Team/Pair Cat: Men’s Team Cat: Men’s Team Cat: Women’s Ind. Europe Russia France Russia Russia Russia Natalia KOVALEVA Hui FAN Svetlana SHIKSHINA Ilya SHIKSHIN Dina BURDAKOVA Age: 27 Age: 32 Age: 34 Age: 24 Age: 27 5 Dan 2 Dan Pro 3 Dan Pro 7 Dan 5 Dan Cat: Women’s Ind./Pair Cat: Men’s Team/Pair Cat: Women’s Ind./Pair Cat: Men’s Team/Pair Cat: Women’s Ind./Pair Russia Alexandr DINERSHTEYN Age: 34 3 Dan Pro Cat: Men’s Team/Pair Japan Rina FUJISAWA Atsushi IDA Yuki SATOSHI Taiki SETO Aya OKUDA Age: 16 Age: 20 Age: 42 Age: 30 Age: 26 2 Dan Pro 8 Dan Pro 9 Dan Pro 7 Dan Pro 3 Dan Pro Cat: Women’s Ind./Pair Cat: Men’s Team/Pair Cat: Men’s Team Cat: Men’s Team Cat: Women’s Ind. Korea Jeong CHOI Hyun NA Dong Yoon KANG Younghun PARK Chaeyoung KIM Age: 18 Age: 19 Age: 25 Age: 29 Age: 18 Strenght: 5 Dan Pro Strenght: 9 Dan Pro Strenght: 9 Dan Pro Strenght: 9 Dan Pro Strenght: 2 Dan Pro Cat: Women’s Team/Pair Cat: Men’s Team/Pair Cat: Men’s Team Cat: Men’s Team Cat: Women’s Ind. North America Canada USA USA USA Irene SHA Daniel Daehyuk KO Huiren YANG Ming Jiu JIANG Age: 19 Age: 38 Age: 62 Age: 57 6 Dan 7 Dan 1 Dan Pro 7 Dan Pro Cat: Women’s Ind./Pair Cat: Men’s Team/Pair Cat: Men’s Team Cat: Men’s Team


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4th SAWMG – Go Competitions Schedule

IGF Ranka - Sun, 23/11/2014 - 01:51
4th SAWMG: Go Competitions Schedule Dec. 2014 Time Tournament Men’s Team Women’s Individual Pair Go Mon 08 All day TD reporting in Tue 09 All day Venue set-up / Referees, Players and ITO reporting in Wed 10 All day Venue set-up / Referees, Players and Officials reporting in 18:30-19:30 Welcome Reception 19:30-20:30 Opening ceremony 20:30-21:30 Technical meeting, drawing of player order Thu 11 12:30-18:00 Round 1 (9 tables)
15:00-18:00 Round 1 (4 tables)
Fri 12 09:30-12:30 Round 2 (4 tables) 12:30-18:00 Round 2 (9 tables)
15:00-18:00 Round 3 (6 tables)
Sat 13 12:30-18:00 Round 3 (9 tables)
15:00-18:00 Round 4 (4 tables)
Sun 14 09:30-12:30
Round 5 (2 tables) 12:30-18:00 Round 4 (9 tables) 15:00-18:00
Round 6 (2 tables) Mon 15 12:30-18:00 Round 5 (9 tables)
15:00-18:00 Round 7 (1 table)
19:00 Prize Giving Ceremony
Tue 16 09:30-12:30 Round 1 (4 tables) 14:00 School visiting
15:00-18:00 Round 2 (4 tables) Wed 17 09:30-12:30 Round 3 (3 tables) 17:00 Prize Giving Ceremony evening Closing Ceremony Thu 18 daytime Departure


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4th SAWMG – Go Competitions Format

IGF Ranka - Sun, 23/11/2014 - 01:38

Date and Venue:
December 11th to 17th, 2014
Beijing International Convention Center

Three events: Men’s team, Women’s individual and Pair go

Competition System:
A total number of 30 players from China, Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Europe and North America will participate in the competition, with 18 male players and 12 female players.

Men’s Team (each team has 3 players): 6 teams from China, Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Europe (France-Russia-Russia) and USA.

Women’s Individual: 12 players, including 2 players from each of the top 4 countries or regions in the 2011 Beijing 1st SportAccord World Mind Sports Games team event (China, Korea, Japan and Chinese Taipei), 3 from Russia, 1 from Canada.

Pair Go: 8 pairs. 1 pair from each of the top 4 countries or regions in the 2012 Beijing SportAccord World Mind Sports Games Pair Go event (China, Korea, Japan and Chinese Taipei). 1 pair from Europe (Russia-France), 2 pair from Russia and 1 pair from North America (Canada-USA).

Competition Rules
2002 Chinese Weiqi competition rules approved by Chinese Weiqi Association will be adopted in the Competition. If there is any ambiguity or inconsistency among versions in different languages, the Chinese version shall prevail.
If a situation not covered in the rules occurs, the Technical Delegate has the right to take appropriate measures to deal with it. Appeals against referees’ decisions will be made through the procedure of appeal approved by International Go Federation.

Men’s Team (6 teams): Single Round Robin system will be applied with a total of 5 rounds. The time allowance is 2 hours per player, followed by five renewable 60-seconds overtime periods. Players’ will be matched according to numbers determined by drawing during the Technical Meeting before the competition starts.
Women’s individual (12 players): A double knockout system will be applied with a total of 7 rounds. The time allowance is 60 minutes per player, followed by three renewable 30-seconds overtime periods. The top 4 countries or regions in the 2011 Beijing 1st SportAccord World Mind Games Go competition team event will select 1 player each to get a bye in first round. Players’ will be matched according to numbers determined by drawing during the Technical Meeting held before the competition starts. Players from the same country or region may be matched against each other except for the 1st round.
Pair Go (8 pairs): Pair Go will be conducted in 3 rounds by single knockout system. The time allowance is 60 minutes per pair, followed by three renewable 30-second overtime periods. Pairs will be matched according to numbers determined by drawing during the Technical Meeting held before the competition starts.

Prize and Awards

3rd SAWMG – Money Prize (Total Prize USD 400,000) Men’s Team Women’s Individual Pair Go Gold
USD 120,000 USD 40,000 USD 24,000 Silver 60,000 20,000 16,000 Bronze 30,000 10,000 8,000 4th Place
15,000 8,000 6,000 5th Place
9,000 5,000 5,000 6th Place
6,000 2,000 4,000 7th Place
2,000 2,000 8th Place
2,000 2,000 9th-12th Places
1,000 TOT. USD 240,000 TOT. USD 93,000 TOT. USD 67,000


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UK Go News Updates: Gerry Gavigan Takes Second Place in Cork;President Closes Out the Spanish Inquisition; 12 Tapped for European Youth Online Team Tourney;Fun and Games at Letchworth Rapid Play; Matthew Cocke Regains Three Peaks Title

AGA news - Sat, 22/11/2014 - 23:37

Gerry Gavigan Takes Second Place in Cork: Gerry Gavigan 13k from South London took second place in the 2014 UCC Tournament, held in the Mardyke Pavillion of University College Cork.

President Closes Out the Spanish Inquisition: In the Pandanet Go European Team Championship, the UK’s match against Spain on 18th November was split 1-1, so Board 1 was played a day later, with BGA President Jon Diamond winning to give the UK it’s third win of the season and second place in the C-League behind Bulgaria.

12 Tapped for European Youth Online Team Tourney: A dozen young players have been selected to represent the UK at the first European Youth Go Team Tournament on KGS. They played their first match against Romania on 15th November, posting a 1-4 loss. The second match is against Italy on 29th November.

Fun and Games at Letchworth Rapid Play: 26 players attended the first Letchworth Rapid Play event held at the Central Methodist Church in Letchworth Garden City. Tim Hunt 2d took first with six wins in the Open Section, the Major Section was won by Ben Ellis 3k, Minor Section winner was John Collins 10k, Junior Section winner was Melchior Chui 9k, and Greg Briscoe won the Novices Tournament. photo: Paul Smith losing to Tim Hunt

Matthew Cocke Regains Three Peaks Title: Matthew Cocke won the Three Peaks title for the fifth time, sweeping all five games at the Commodore Inn in Grange-over-Sands. Runners-ups were Roger Huyshe 4k and David Cantrell 6k, each with four wins. 31 players took part, including organizer Bob Bagot.
- compiled/edited by Amy Su, based on reports on the BGA website 

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Chimin Oh Wins Go to Innovation

IGF - Sat, 22/11/2014 - 09:23

Chimin Oh Wins Go to Innovation Was it the lure of the thousand-euro first prize or the chance to play some serious handicap go? Whatever it was, on November 14-16, 2014 the annual Go to Innovation tournament drew fifty-five players from far and wide to Berlin. An eight-round Hahn system was used, which meant that starting scores were assigned according to the players' EGF ratings. Additional points were earned in amounts that depended not only on who won or lost each game but also on how much he or she won or lost by and whether he or she had won in the previous round. All games were played with appropriate handicaps or komi according to the players' current scores.

The highest-rated contestant was former Korean go instructor Chimin Oh, 7-dan, who currently resides in England. His starting score immediately put him in the lead. In his first game he beat German champion Lukas Krämer (6-dan), but then he lost a two-stone handicap game to Austrian champion Viktor Lin (5-dan). Next day he lost to Hungarian champion Pal Balogh (6-dan) and then to Lluis Oh (6-dan, Spain). Following these defeats, however, he rebounded with a string of victories over Nordic champion Yaqi Fu (6-dan, Sweden), Zebin Du (6-dan, China), Jan Hora (6-dan, Czechia, with a two-stone handicap), and Jan Prokop (5-dan, Czechia, with a three-stone handicap). His final Hahn score put him far ahead of Viktor Lin, whose four wins were good enough for the 500-euro second place prize. Zebin Du won six games and finished third (250 euros). The best performance by a female player was turned in by by Rita Pocsai (4-dan, Hungary), who earned a 500-euro prize from Omikron Data Quality in addition to her 100-euro tenth-place prize. Complete results are here.

There was also a jackpot prize for winning eight games, but nobody claimed it. In fact, no one managed to win even seven games. The Hahn system does not give anyone an easy time in any round, and in some sense it rewards the players according to how well they played, regardless of how many games they won. Jan Hora, for example, won only three games, but all his opponents ended among the top ten and he finished seventh. Perhaps next year more 7-dans will try this system out.


- James Davies


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Austerity drive continues in Euro Teams

Irish Go Association - Fri, 21/11/2014 - 18:50

The Irish squad for the European Team Championships continued their strategy of starting slow, in order to end with a glorious late run. Up against the Springboks on Tuesday 18th November, they ended the match with a considered 1-3 deficit. James Hutchinson performed well to topple the 3-dan playing top board for South Africa, but the other squad members failed to follow his lead, despite having some good chances in all 3 games. Next up in the league will be the United Kingdom.

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Nihon Ki-in Gives Award to Seattle’s Frank Fukuda

AGA news - Fri, 21/11/2014 - 04:15

The Nihon Ki-in recently celebrated its 90th anniversary in Japan.  As part of the celebration, they sent Frank (Kohya) Fukuda, Director Emeritus of the Seattle Go Center,  an “Appreciation Diploma”, signed by their President Norio Wada.  The text stated in Japanese, “Residing outside of Japan, you have been working hard for introducing and popularizing the game of Go, and you have contributed greatly to make Go prosper in your area.   Through your activity, the success of international friendship was achieved.”  Frank Fukuda is one of the founders of the Seattle Go Center, and he has been helping the Go Center ever since it opened in 1995.  Report and photo by Brian Allen

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Korea Shuts Out China at the 19th LG Cup

AGA news - Fri, 21/11/2014 - 01:59

Four of China and Korea’s best faced off at the 19th LG Cup quarter and semifinals on November 17 through November 19 in Gangwon, Korea. Though they performed poorly last year, team Korea (left) dominated this year’s tournament with each player knocking out their Chinese counterpart including Kim Jiseok 9p’s win against defending champion Tuo Jiaxi 9p. Kim will play good friend Park Junghwan 9p in the finals from February 9 through February 12 at Seoul National University. For more information about the 19th LG Cup including photos, game records, and commentary by An Younggil 8p, please visit Go Game Guru.
–Annalia Linnan, based on a longer article by Go Game Guru; photo courtesy of Go Game Guru

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EuroGoTV Update: Italy, Hungary, Austria

AGA news - Fri, 21/11/2014 - 01:58

Italy: Andriy Zakharzhevskyy 1d bested Carlo Metta 2d at the Torneo del Gladiatore on November 16 in Rome while Andrea Mori 1k came in third. Hungary: Also on November 16, Dominik Boviz took the PaGoda Go Cup in Budapest. Gabor Szabics 5d was second and Gyorgy Csizmadia 4d placed third. Austria: The Salzburg 2014 finished on November 9 in HausDerNatur with Lothar Spiegel 5d (left) in first, Schayan Hamrah 5d in second, and Dominik Boviz 4d in third.
– Annalia Linnan, based on reports from EuroGoTV, which include complete result tables and all the latest European go news; photo courtesy of EuroGoTV

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Portland Grade Schoolers Shine

AGA news - Fri, 21/11/2014 - 00:42

Eleven children from four different schools attended the first New Stars Youth Go Tournament, in Portland, OR on Nov. 2nd, reports organizer Peter Freedman.  In the round robin upper division three kyu ranked players competed, with adult Bill Corry participating to make the number of players four. Hikaru Sato won first prize, a traveling Go set, with a 2-1 record. Eight children competed in the unranked division, with one child having a rank of KGS 22kyu. The $25 first prize was won by 2nd grader Olin Waxler,  with a record of 3-0. Second place was split between Tommy Flynn, 2-0, and Emmett Mayer, 3-1, winning $12.50 each. “The tournament had a special structure, used last year, that is particularly favorable to new young players,” says Freedman.  “Players had to play at least either 4 9×9 games, 3 13×13 games, 2 19×19 games, or any combination of the above.”

Portland kids again got a chance to compete on Nov. 18, when ten kids in the Beverly Cleary chess and Go club participated in their own tourney. Prizes were award for; most games played; most wins; and most opponents played. Winning players got to put one hand in a jar filled with change, and keep whatever they could grasp. Ms. Kendrick Dahlin dipped three times, once for tie for most wins, once for playing the most different opponents, and once for tie for most games played. Tommy Flynn, Olin Waxler and Beckett Jacobs also dipped for tie with most wins (4), and Spencer Vassal dipped for tie in most games played. Almost all games were played on 9×9 boards. -Paul Barchilon E-J Youth Editor. Photo and reports by Peter Freedman

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Go Spotting: Go On His Mind

AGA news - Wed, 19/11/2014 - 14:00

San Diego Go Club President Ted Terpstra has been seeing go everywhere lately. On senet, an Egyptian board game that’s older than go by 3,000 years, but lost for millennia before being reborn, “‘GO’ can be seen in a couple of places on the side of the board,” he writes. A recent New Yorker cover “that at first glance seemed to have many white go stones scattered in it,” turned out to be raindrops on a taxi window as it approaches the Empire State Building, which Terpstra points out “is near the 2014 Go Congress site.” The UCSD Go Club combined with the San Diego Go Club to sponsor Go Night at UCSD on Saturday, November 8. Japanese language students turned out to learn go at a Study Abroad event. Twenty student showed up for the beginners class and although it was supposed to end at 8:30 p.m., “the students kept playing until they were thrown out at 10 p.m.,” says Terpstra.

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Go Spotting: Cat Go

AGA news - Tue, 18/11/2014 - 14:00

The Internet is filled with cats, so Steve Colburn wasn’t too surprised to come across this piece by Tango that combines cats and go. “The tumblr this came off of has a lot of fun images for simple perspective and jokes,” Colburn adds.

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Daniel Chou Tops UMBC Tourney

AGA news - Tue, 18/11/2014 - 01:48

Daniel Chou 6D (below, left) took top honors 3-0 at the UMBC tourney last Sunday. “Some 34 players turned out to enjoy a day of go, friendship, and free pizza,” reports Gurujeet Khalsa. Hosted by the UMBC club there was also a strong showing from neighboring AGA collegiate clubs from Johns Hopkins University and the University of MD, College Park. Other 3-0 winners were: Zhangqi Luo (2D), Julian Erville (1D), Kasidet Hiranniramoi (5K), Brendan Berger (5K) and Hyungwook Lee (13K).
photos: (left) UMBC Club President Nathan Epstein congratulates Daniel Chou; (right) playing scene at the Skylight room UMBC Commons. Photos by Gurujeet Khalsa, TD


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Young Lions Tourney Deadline Wednesday

AGA news - Tue, 18/11/2014 - 01:30

Just a few days left to sign up for the Young Lions Tournament, players must register by Wednesday Nov. 19th. The matches will take place on November 22 and 23 in the AGHS Tournaments Room on KGS. The first round will begin at 1 pm EST, and the second round at 4 pm EST. The second day will follow the same schedule. “This tournament is one of the biggest youth go events in America,” says AGHS Promotion Head Amy Su, “young go players will fight tooth and claw to emerge on top, will you be the one to lead the pride this year?” Anyone 18 or under may participate, and there will be prizes for the winners in multiple categories.  Visit the official Young Lions website for more information, to register fill out this form. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor

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AGA City League Starts this Saturday on IGS

AGA news - Tue, 18/11/2014 - 00:41

Watch your local team play this Sunday in the AGA City League. Games start at 3PM EST Sunday. Make sure to check out the latest GoPanda2 client as well; it has been updated recently and has new features.

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This Week’s Go Calendar: Syracuse

AGA news - Mon, 17/11/2014 - 14:33

November 22: Syracuse, NY
Syracuse Fall Go Tournament
Richard Moseson 315-682-7720
Jim Gonnella 315-492-9130

Get the latest go events information.

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Updates: Learn How to Run a Tournament; Cotsen’s New Facebook Page; Using Go to Study Culture; EJ Copy Editor Wanted

AGA news - Mon, 17/11/2014 - 14:00

Learn How to Run a Tournament: Steve Colburn is well-known as a key member of the E-Journal’s Congress team and as the AGA’s sysadmin extraordinaire, but he’s also the chapter head of the Empty Sky Go Club in Rochester, NY. Colburn has now released a few videos on how to administer an AGA chapter, including how to run a tournament with OpenGotha, and how to update a chapter’s details with the AGA Membership Manager. Click here for his videos. Questions about how to update your information, sign up, or use the AGA website? Send them to and we’ll make more tutorial videos with your questions.

Cotsen’s New Facebook Page: The Cotsen Open has a new Facebook page. “Like” it and you’ll be the first to hear announcements when the 2015 Cotsen is scheduled as well as updates throughout the year.

Using Go to Study Culture: Bret Beheim, a Post Doctoral Fellow in the Anthropology Department at the University of New Mexico proposes go as “a model system in the study of cultural evolution” in “Strategic Social Learning and Evolutionary Arms Races in the Game of Go,” a Nov. 20, 2012 presentation of a paper he co-authored with Calvin Thigpen and Richard McElreath. The paper, drawing from “a large archive of Go games spanning the last six decades of professional play,” finds “evidence that changes in the frequencies of particular cultural variants are driven by social learning mechanisms such as frequency-dependence and success bias.”

EJ Copy Editor Wanted: With an increasing number of go news reports from around the world, the E-Journal has an opening for a volunteer copy editor. If interested, email





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Updates: November 26 Deadline for Australian Go Congress Early Bird Rate; Strong Player Boosts Evanston Go Club; Kiseido Releases Vol.3 of Road Map to Shodan; Kaz’ Special Offer

AGA news - Sun, 16/11/2014 - 19:38

November 26 Deadline for Australian Go Congress Early Bird Rate: There’s limited space for international competitors at the first-ever Australian Go Congress, set for January 25-31, 2015 in Sydney (First Australian Go Congress set for 2015 in Sydney  7/13/2014 EJ). There’s an early bird rate for those who book and pay prior to November 26.

Strong Player Boosts Evanston Go Club: After many months of low attendance, things are picking up at the Evanston Go Club, reports organizer Mark Rubenstein. “We are fortunate to have attracted Bill Lin 7 dan to the club recently, and his presence has been a boost to attendance and interest. If you live in the area and have not been to the club in a while, now is a very good time to learn from the best!” photo courtesy Mark Rubenstein

Kiseido Releases Vol.3 of Road Map to Shodan: Kiseido has just released The Road Map to Shodan, Volume Three; The Basics of Life and Death by Rob van Zeijst and Richard Bozulich. The third volume of The Road Map to Shodan is a thorough introduction to the topic of life and death. It can be read by players who have just learned the rules, but it is also useful for players up to 1-dan or for any amateur player who needs to review the basics of life and death. Kiseido is also having a special 40% off clearance sale of Hyuga kaya table go boards.

Kaz’ Special Offer: “Buy 10, get 1 free plus more stuff”: Longtime EJ contributor Kazunari Furuyama is running a special teaching offer through December 23 for his Offline Lessons. Prepay for 10 lessons and you’ll get an 11th lesson free, plus you will receive 30 problems per lesson, as opposed to 25 when paying on a lesson-by-lesson basis. You’ll also receive five extra mini-lessons on countering various openings and he will give you another five extra mini-lessons on various themes of your choice.





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SmartGo Pro: End of the Line

AGA news - Fri, 14/11/2014 - 02:21

SmartGo Kifu and the upgrade package are on sale for one week. For the next week, the go apps’ upgrade bundle will be $16 — if you bought Pro at $13, you can upgrade for just $3. And SmartGo Kifu (right) will be on sale for $15 (25% off). “Grab this chance before it’s gone,” says SmartGo author Anders Kierulf. “This is a rare opportunity, as SmartGo Kifu has only ever been on sale once before in its 4.5 years.” Kierulf revived the iPhone-only SmartGo Pro earlier this year to get users up-to-date, “and as soon as Apple allowed it, I added an upgrade package to give users a way to upgrade from Pro to Kifu. However, the numbers are in, and having multiple versions of essentially the same app is proving to be too confusing.” After next week, Kierulf will remove SmartGo Pro from the App Store; “SmartGo Kifu, which works on both iPad and iPhone, is the way forward,” he says. Read more about it here.

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