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Lee Sedol-Gu Li Jubango Commentary US Broadcast Date Saturday, Feb 22 (not 2/24)

AGA news - Tue, 18/02/2014 - 16:05

The date for the live commentary on the second game of the Lee Sedol-Gu Li jubango is this Saturday, February 22, not the 24th, as originally reported (Lee Sedol-Gu Li Jubango Game 2 Broadcast Set for Feb 24 (US time) 2/17 EJ). Also, the correct name for the location of Myungwan Kim 9P’s game commentary broadcast is GoPanda2.

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Evan Cho Repeats as Dado 2014 SoCal Go Champion

AGA news - Mon, 17/02/2014 - 20:11

Defending champion Evan Cho 7D held onto his title last weekend at the Dado 2014 SoCal Go Championship. Nearly 60 players attended the Orange County championship on a beautiful sunny weekend in Southern California. Players came from as far as Arizona and a large contingent came from the San Francisco Bay Area. The Open section consisted of 14 strong players 6d-7d and above, including Cho. “Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Dado (大道) Cultural Exchange Association, the tournament enjoyed an excellent venue, refreshments and substantial cash prizes,” reported Steve Burrall. Kevin Chao directed. photo: (l-r): Aaron Ye, Andrew Lu, Danny Ko, Kevin Hong, Evan Cho, Kevin Chao (in background) and Jay Zheng, president of the Dado Assosociation.
Winner’s Report:
Open Section: Champion Evan Cho 7D; 2nd: Kevin Hong 7D; 3rd: Danny Ko 7D; 4th: Andrew Lu 7D; 5th: Aaron Ye 6D.
Dan handicap: 1st: Wensheng Wang 4D; 2nd: April Ye 1D; 3rd: Steve Burrall 3D; 4th: Alex Lee 1D; 5th: Wai-to Char 1D.
Upper Kyu Handicap: 1st: Hendrick Rommeswinkel 3K; 2nd: Ted Terpstra 5K; 3rd: Preston Hutchins 2K
Mid Kyu Handicap: 1st: Ben Matthews 7K; 2nd: Jerry Lu 8K; 3rd: Susanna Pfeffer 10K
Low Kyu Handicap: 1st: Daniel Su 15K; 2nd: Chris Lin 13K; 3rd: Scott Nichols 12K

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Five Players Notch Perfect Records at NOVA Tourney

AGA news - Mon, 17/02/2014 - 18:53

Taking advantage of a break in the recent winter weather, twenty-six players turned out for the NOVA Chinese Lunar New Year tournament on Saturday, February 15 at George Mason Law School in Arlington VA. “The tournament results were a bit unusual, as all first place players had perfect records!” reports organizer Allan Abramson. The Lunar New Year beginner’s 13×13 tournament also attracted eight players. “Congratulations to all the beginners who participated: the future of US go!” said Abramson. photo: Beginner’s Tournament players, with Ching-Sung Chin (right); click here for more photos.  
Winner’s Report:
First: Daniel Chou, 6D, 4-0; Hsiao Hsiung, 1K, and Mohan Sud, 3K, both tied at 4-0; Joey Phoon, 5K, 4-0; and Mulan Liu, 16K, 4-0; Second: Zhiyuan Zhang, 6D, 3-1; Tevis Tsai, 9K, 2-2; and Sean Lin, 25K, 3-1
Lunar New Year Beginner’s 13×13 Tournament: First: Ethan Tung, 6-0 and Justin Wang, 6-0; Second: Eric Chang, 4-2; Third: Frank Chang, 3-3 and Minche Lee, 3-3

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Lee Sedol-Gu Li Jubango Game 2 Broadcast Set for Feb 22 (US time)

AGA news - Mon, 17/02/2014 - 17:50

The second game in the historic Lee Sedol-Gu Li jubango will be broadcast live on GoPanda2 on February 23, starting at 9AM local time in Shanghai (2/22 5p PST, 8p EST). Myungwan Kim 9P will provide live commentary (written, not audio) beginning two hours later (2/22 7p PST, 10p EST). “I hope Gu Li can show a good fighting spirit and even up the match,” Kim says. Click here to download the latest version of GoPanda2 to watch the live commentary.
Correction: the US date for the commentary on GoPanda2 is Saturday, February 22, not 2/24; the time remain the same.

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This Week’s Go Calendar: Berkeley

AGA news - Mon, 17/02/2014 - 14:06

February 22: Berkeley, CA
Bay Area Go Players Association Winter Tournament
Roger Schrag 510-501-2701
Steve Burrall 916-688-2858

Get the latest go events information.

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Go Promoted at London Animecon

AGA news - Mon, 17/02/2014 - 13:30

The British Go Association (BGA) took a stand at the first ever combined London Anime and Gaming Convention on Sunday February 9 at the Rocket Complex, part of the London Metropolitan University. It was expected that some anime fans would have a passing familiarity with go from Hikaru No Go and might like to learn more about the game.

The demo was the initiative of BGA member Ben Murphy of Billaricay Go Club, Essex, who first made contact with the London Animecon and ran a stand there at the August event last year with Tony Atkins (see Go Goes To London AnimeCon, EJ  08/02/13 ). This year BGA VP and AGA member Francis Roads provided a dan-level presence.

They showed people how to play, then engaged them in a 9 x 9 game. Roger Huyshe, the BGA’s seller of books and equipment, provided them with starter go sets with combined 9 x 9 and 13 x 13 boards and copies of the book Teach Yourself Go, by Charles Matthews, and they sold three sets and four books. One man who bought both said he was in the Navy and was looking forward to teaching and playing with his shipmates.

“I really enjoyed doing the demo and I played a few games against Francis Roads and it was an amazing experience teaching people,” said Murphy, adding, “I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone at London Anime and Gaming Convention and the British Go Association for helping me with the demo. Many people enjoyed playing go and I think we made a good number of go fans during the day.”

Report by Tony Collman, British correspondent for the E-Journal. Graphic courtesy London Animecon.

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Tuo Jiaxi Achieves First International Title at 18th LG Cup

AGA news - Mon, 17/02/2014 - 11:30

Although Zhou Ruiyang 9p is ranked the number five Chinese player and defeated Tuo Jiaxi 3p in the Luoyang Longmen Qisheng last year, Tuo got his revenge in the 18th LG Cup Final on February 13 at Seoul National University. After game 2, the title could have gone either way but Tuo’s strong endgame secured game 3 after 254 moves. This victory is not only Tuo’s first international title but his ticket to 9p, or 9 dan professional.

Developed in 1996, the LG Cup is a major international go tournament sponsored by LG Electronics. For more information about this year’s tournament including photos and game records, please visit Go Game Guru. – Annalia Linnan, based on a longer article by Go Game Guru; photo courtesy of Go Game Guru

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RIP Sally Gross

South Africa* - Mon, 17/02/2014 - 09:19
I am sad to pass on this news from Lloyd Rubidge: I am very sad to report that Sally’s body was found in her home on Friday night after friends and neighbours alerted the police that she had not been seen since Tuesday. Many of you knew Sally Gross. She had a keen interest in [...]

Fan Hui wins 2014 Confucius Cup

Irish Go Association - Sun, 16/02/2014 - 18:35

The 2014 Irish Go Congress occurred over the weekend with 44 players attending in a surprisingly sunny Dublin. Celebrating 25 years of Go in Ireland, the main tournament, the 3rd Confucius Cup, was well represented with a strong field of players.

Fan Hui, 2p France, won with a perfect 5/5 score. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places all had three wins with the order decided with SOS, resulting in Csaba, 6d Hungary in second place, Antoine Fenech, 5d France, third, and Ondrej Silt, 6d Czech Republic, fourth. Kim Ouweleen, 4d The Netherlands, completed the top five results with 2 wins. As an interesting piece of trivia, Prof Liming Wang (Director of the UCD Confucius Institute) played in both this Confucius Cup and the first Irish Open in 1989.

Winning four games were Julia Bohle, 19k Austria, Josefa Kubitova, 8k Czech Republic, and Gabriel Aussibal, 1k, France.

The Rapid tournament was won by Karol Janyst, 2k Poland, with 5 wins, followed by Marek Gutkowski, 7k Poland, who edged out 4 other players also on 4 wins.

Full results of the 3rd Confucius Cup are available here.

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2014 Confucius Cup Round 4 Standings

Irish Go Association - Sun, 16/02/2014 - 15:04

Standings from round 4 of the 2014 Confucius Cup can be viewed here.

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Celebrating the Year of the Horse by Teaching Go

AGA news - Sun, 16/02/2014 - 14:00

When the Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg, Maryland sponsored a Chi­nese New Year cel­e­bra­tion recently, local player Benjamin Hong volunteered to teach go, saying “how could you have a Chi­nese New Year cel­e­bra­tion with­out go?” Organizers set up a large 9×9 demo board, a 13×13 and a 19×19 board, as well as mul­ti­ple begin­ner boards for new players. “My big cus­tomer of the day was a lit­tle girl who was about 5,” Hong writes on his blog. “We played a cou­ple games of first cap­ture that went well, and it seemed like she had fun.” A num­ber of inter­ested peo­ple stop by to play and ask ques­tions, and Hong says the suc­cessful event “def­i­nitely got me think­ing about doing more things like this in the future.” Photo by Stephanie  

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Go Quiz: Who Beat Go Seigen in a Jubango?

AGA news - Sun, 16/02/2014 - 13:30

Thank you for all of your pleased remarks about the return of the quiz.  Unfortunately, your faith in my book collection was misplaced, as the number of unique books is “only” around 750.  Although this was enough to prompt Joel Benyowitz to suggest that my wife Erica “should have a yard sale,” it was not enough for our quizzers, who consistently guessed high, only 4 of 29 getting the correct answer.  Books in Japanese, Chinese and Korean far outnumber the English books (although I do have two of virtually all of the English volumes).  I did not count magazines; with complete sets of Go Review, Go World, the American Go Journal and the British Go Journal, a bunch of Kido magazines and duplicate English books the number would easily double.  Barry Pasicznyk’s query about “How many of these go books did Keith Arnold actually read?” is fair but I must plead the Fifth. Here’s a shot of some of the collection. You will be no doubt be relieved that this week’s question will NOT be Kelsey Dyer’s suggestion: “What is Keith Arnold’s favorite sandwich? (Schlotzsky’s Original – RIP Greg).  Josh Thorsen of Seattle is our winner this week, chosen at random from those answering correctly.

THIS WEEK’S QUIZ: In honor of the current talk of the go world, the Lee Se Dol vs. Gu Li jubango, you can expect a series of questions regarding the players and jubangos.  We will start with a question regarding the greatest “jubangoer” ever, Go Seigen.  Who was the only player to defeat him in a jubango match?  Was it Fujisawa Kuranosuke, Sakata Eio, Takagawa Kaku or Shusaku?  Click here to make your guess by close of business on Thursday and again, feel free to add your own comments!
- Keith Arnold, HKA & AGA Quizmaster


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Go Spotting: Top Mind-Bending Games

AGA news - Sun, 16/02/2014 - 13:00

Go makes the top slot in Top 10 Mind-bending Strategy Games on the How Stuff Works website. “It’s perhaps no coincidence that the most mind-bending of all strategy games is also the oldest,” writes John Kelly. Kelly also reports that “Japanese neurosurgeon Kaneko Mitsuo has studied the effect that playing Go has on older adults, noting that “Randomized trials by the U.S. National Institutes of Health have shown that playing certain types of games — though not a mental health cure — can keep the brain healthy.”
Thanks to Aaron Murg of Bethesda, MD for passing this along! A 15-kyu AGA member, Aaron says “I enjoy waking up each morning to find an E-Journal waiting to be read.”

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Chiness Counsil Cup, Side Tournament 07-2014

Euro Go TV - Sun, 16/02/2014 - 12:17
Author: Newsbot on 00:22 Fri 14 February 2014

Chiness Counsil Cup, Main Tournament 07-2014

Euro Go TV - Sun, 16/02/2014 - 12:17
Author: Newsbot on 00:22 Fri 14 February 2014

Istanbul City Tournament 2014/1

Euro Go TV - Sun, 16/02/2014 - 12:17
Author: Newsbot on 00:21 Fri 14 February 2014

Helsingin mestaruus 07-2014

Euro Go TV - Sun, 16/02/2014 - 12:17
Author: Newsbot on 00:21 Fri 14 February 2014

Ooteai League Season 1 Part 1 07-2014

Euro Go TV - Sun, 16/02/2014 - 12:17
Author: Newsbot on 00:21 Fri 14 February 2014

Haags Toernooi 2014

Euro Go TV - Sun, 16/02/2014 - 12:17
Author: Newsbot on 00:22 Tue 11 February 2014

Hungarian U16 Championship 07-2014

Euro Go TV - Sun, 16/02/2014 - 12:17
Author: Newsbot on 00:22 Tue 11 February 2014
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