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1-dan  see British dan players , Shodan Challenge
1-space …  see One-space …
1st line  see First line
2-1 point
“Strange Things Happen at the 2-1 Points” (Roads)
Weak Kneed Dans Grand Prix
see also British dan players
2-space …  see Two-space …
2nd line  see Second line
3-3 approach (5-4 point joseki)
3-3 invasion (4-4 point joseki)
“Invading at San-san”
3-3 point joseki
introduction to
3-dan  see British dan players
3 points without capturing  see Torazu sanmoku
3-star-point stones fuseki  see Sanrensei
3-stone …  see Three-stone …
3-4 approach (5-4 point joseki)  see Inside attachment , Knight’s move ,
Outside attachment
3-4 point joseki
introduction to
see also Knight approach , One-space high approach
3rd line  see Third and fourth line
4-4 point joseki
“Handicap Joseki”. Parts 1 , 2 
“Joseki: Handicap”. Parts A , B 
see also 3-3 invasion , Knight approach , Various approaches
4-dan  see British dan players
4-stone …  see Four-stone …
4th line  see Fourth and third line
5-3 point joseki
introduction to
see also Taisha
5-4 point joseki
“Even Game Joseki” (Diamond). Parts 7 , 8 
introduction to
see also 3-3 approach , 3-4 approach
5-dan  see British dan players
6-dan  see British dan players
6-stone …  see Six-stone …
7-dan  see British dan players
7-stone …  see Seven-stone …
9-stone …  see Nine-stone …
9×9 Go
“9×9 Go is a Real Game” (Roads). Parts 1 , 2 
Cambridge Go Puzzle Book, selected problems from
endgame counting
example game
Go set, cardboard *
Go set, Czech *
Go sets, do-it-yourself
life-and-death problem
“Loony Moves” (Chandler)
Microgo1 v. Anonymous
“Staying Alive” (Macfadyen)
11×11 Go
“Yose Problem” (Fairbairn)
13×13 Go
MSO tournaments  see Mind Sports Olympiad
Play Go Today 1B set *
Przybyla’s program  v. Granville’s program (Acornsoft Tourn. 1984)
19×19 Go
“Why 19×19?” (Roads)
21st Century Cup
2002 report
50th BGA anniversary picnic (2005)
100 dan celebration party (1978)
361 Points (news blog)