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The 2015 UK Go Challenge for UK schools (and other youth clubs) is now here!.

If you enter, we will send you your tournament pack (available from mid or late February), so that you can run your heat at your own school or youth club before the end of June.

Note the size of the basic pack remains 10 players, which makes it cheaper and easier for more schools and clubs to join in. However there are still lots of prizes in each pack, including the return of the ever popular logo bugs and a tote bag prize for the winner.

Again everyone can take part in the national Finals at the end of June or early July. If your players can't get to the Finals, you can still run your own heat and enjoy the Challenge. Likewise if you can't run a heat, it is still possible to get players to the Finals.

Also we always run, as part of the Finals, a Challengers' Tournament section for all beginners and novices, including those who have not taken part in a heat.

You can read about the previous Challenges on the news page and the results page.

The UK Go Challenge is organised and supported by the
British Go Association.
Go Summary

To enter the Challenge you could fill in the entry form, or complete the form in the
2015 Challenge flyer (PDF).

Go Quick reference

If you are finding out about Go for the first time, or trying to find out a bit more, then there are lots of pages on this site to help you in the links section below.

If you need justifications as to why playing Go is good, then read the justification for Go.

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