UK Go Challenge - Entry Form 2016

Do not use this form for the finals

Name of school /
youth club

Postal address

Contact name   
Phone numbers
Email address
We wish to enter the UK Go Challenge 2016  
Basic entry fee (£10 for up to 10 players) £ _____
Additional fees (£10 for up to 10 more players) £ _____
I include Postage and Packing (£3.50) or £ _____
I will collect my pack at the following tournament __________
I enclose a cheque payable to British Go Association £ _____
We are wish to have the following assistance 
(for example visits for players or Go teachers, Go leaflets, advice): 
Please send this form with your payment to
      Tony Atkins (British Go Association), 37 Courts Road, Earley, Reading, RG6 7DJ