About the Go Evaluation Pack
If you have not played Go before and are interested in finding out how to, so that you can take part in the UK Go Challenge, then please request a Go Evaluation Pack available from:


The Go Evaluation Pack contains Go instruction leaflets and Go equipment so you can try out Go yourself.

You can buy the Go Evaluation Pack for only £5 including UK postage and packaging.
The Go Evaluation Pack contains:
  • Asia and the Game of Go - workbook on culture and capture Go
  • Go: An Introduction - leaflet containing rules in cartoon format
  • Play Go - the British Go Association leaflet on history and culture of Go and how to play
  • BGA Membership flyer
  • Go Rules Quick Reference - a one page summary of the rules (as used in UK Go Challenge games)
  • Latest youth Go newsletter
  • Entry form for the UK Go Challenge
  • Set of 40 white and 40 black introductory Go 'stones'
  • Price list for equipment available from Pentangle Puzzles and Games Ltd
  • Sample plastic Go stones as available from Pentangle Puzzles and Games (at a discount to schools)

  • The BGA Go Resources CD rom (as in illustration) is no longer available.
To purchase a Go Evaluation Pack send your name, name of school or organisation, address and cheque for £5 (UK only) to
KisekiGo, 37 Courts Road, Earley, Reading, RG6 7DJ.
Of course the best way to learn about Go is from someone else, so we recommend you apply for a visit from a full time Go teacher (see KisekiGo or ZenMachine) or a visit from one of our regional volunteers, or even drop in at your nearest Go club or tournament.

Also you could look at the beginners' information on the main BGA web site www.britgo.org or buy a beginners' book on Go, such as "Teach Yourself Go" by Charles Matthews.

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