UK Go Challenge 2004 Finals

This was the first year of the UK Go Challenge and 23 schools held heats of the competition. We estimate that over 400 children took part in it altogether. The largest heat was at Loughborough School where there were 78 players. Next was Covingham Park Junior School in Swindon with 47 players.

For the qualifiers from the heats, a national final was held on Saturday 10 July in Manchester. The results follow:


  • U-16 Boys - William Brooks (The Perse School, Cambridge)
  • U-14 Boys - Matthew Hathrell (Finham Park School, Coventry)
  • U-12 Boys - Costas Televantos (Aston)
  • U-10 Boys - Duncan Bell (Balgowan Primary School)
  • Girls - Hetty-Boardman-Weston (Loughborough)

All the section winners won a framed certificate and a cash prize.


  • Rajinder Poonian (7 wins)
  • Jamie Wall (6 wins)
  • James Hoyle (6 wins)
  • Raminder Poonian (6 wins)


  • Gold - William Brooks
  • Silver - Hetty Boardman-Weston
  • Bronze - Matthew Hathrell

These players were awarded medals given for the event by the Mind Sports Olympiad


  • Champion School - Loughborough
  • Champion Primary School - Balgowan Primary School, Beckenham

The school championships were very close with Finham Park School (Coventry) and Aston both giving strong opposition to the Loughborough team.

The winning schools were presented with the trophies which they keep until next year. The main schools trophy was donated in memory of John Rickard.

During the weekend there was also a Go Training Workshop, and also many children playing in the UK Chess Challenge Gigafinal came along and learned to play Go. Some were very enthusiastic and one boy played more than four hours of Go during the day. The youngest person we taught to play was three years old.

Many thanks are due to David Levy and Tony Corfe of the Mind Sports Olympiad who provided the venue for the finals and medals for the top players, and for their general support and encouragement. Many thanks are also due to Mike Basman who allowed us to borrow the name and the concept from the UK Chess Challenge and who greatly helped us in publicising the challenge and getting more schools to hear about Go.

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