Finals 2014

Results of the UK Go Challenge Finals 2014:

The finals were held at Milton C of E Primary School in Milton, near Cambridge, on Saturday 21st June.
25 youngsters took part, whether they had played in heats or not.

The overall place and age group categories were determined by a knockout system.

The team trophy was decided by games between the four members of one team against the other.


U18 Boys  - David Robson (Cambridge)
U16 Boys  - Melchior Chui (Cambridge)
U14 Boys  - Alex Terry (Bungay) (& Top Boy)
U12 Boys  - Anthony Ghica (Newmarket)
U10 Boys  - Edmund Smith (Milton) 
U8  Boys  - Alexander Hsieh (St Paul's, Cambridge)
U14 Girls - Roella Smith (Cambridge) (& Top Girl)
U12 Girls - Kelda Smith (Milton, Cambridge)
U10 Girls - Hilary Bexfield (Letchworth)

Overall place winners:

1st - Melchior Chui
2nd - Roella Smith
3rd - Edmund Smith

Challengers' Tournament - Daniel Chen (Letchworth)
Champion School - N/C
Champion Primary School - Milton, Cambridge (beat London Meed 4-0)
Challengers' School: N/C

The top three winners and the challenger won cash prizes. They and all age group winners got a framed certificate showing their achievement.

All players on four wins got prizes too: Charlotte Bexfield, Wenzhou Mei, Aidan Wong, Aarav Gandhi and Kanad Sharma.

Michael Tout from London Meed, Burgess Hill, won the Fighting Spirit Prize.

Juno Jiang, Kelda Smith and Aidan Wong were good at solving problems.

Prizes at the event were supported by Cambridge Youth Go Project, celebrating twenty years.

Benedict Steele won the caption competition with "Jump ahead of the competition!"

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