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Go kanji In the British Go Association, we like to call Go the "extreme mind sport". Millions of children love to play it in China, Japan and Korea, and we think millions will love it here too when they find out about it. So in 2004 we set up the UK Go Challenge for UK schools and youth clubs. Hundreds of children have already taken part, for instance over 200 joined in the fun of the 2009 Challenge at 10 heats.
If you have not played Go before, do not worry. It only takes a few minutes to get started. To find out more before you decide, your can order a Go Evaluation Pack for only £5. It contains the rules, a starter playing set and lots more.

We can also arrange for a teacher to visit you, provide leaflets and other help, and we have negotiated a discount on equipment from a Go supplier, Pentangle Puzzles and Games.
Evaluation Pack
To find out more about Go and the Challenge, just take a look around this site.
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The caption for the 2016 logo was by Elom Willson, from London.
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Last update: 7th June 2016