Have you read the section about life and death yet? That's the stuff about two eyes and other things like that. If you haven't done it yet, now would be a great time to do it. The rest will be much easier afterwards.

Life and Death


Let's start with an easy one. I expect you can see what both sides want to do.

If Black gets to play here first, he gets 10 points of territory.

While if White plays there first ...

... Black can only get 9 points even if he answers.

If Black plays somewhere else instead, White can really spoil it!

There are no holes in the fence, but can you see a way for White to break it?

White puts two stones in atari, and they have nowhere to run to!

Black tries to save some of the territory, but when White captures the two stones ...

... plugging the gap with is no good! Black is left with a bulky-4 big eye, which is dead. (Click the button if you want to check this).

bulky-4 health check
If Black plays here first, he can save the stones and territory like this.

"You had me worried there!"


In each problem, how does Black crash into White's territory? Try to find Black's first two moves.

get answer get answer

Take a break!

Spike has got over-excited and is trying to break into the neighbour's territory. Better go and calm him down!

When you're ready for more, click where you want to go.

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