Group Health Check


The black group is dead, because White can capture it whenever he likes, and Black has no way to stop him.


There's no point Black doing this. Can you see what White does next?

White could capture the black stones, but it's even better just to play elsewhere! If Black captures the white stone on the inside ...


... then White plays elsewhere again!!! The black group is dead. White can capture it any time he likes, if he ever needs to.

This is like White getting two free moves!

If some of the White stones get into danger, like this, he would need to capture the black group in order to save them. Can you remember how to do it?

This does the trick. leaves Black with only one liberty, so Black might capture the two white stones by playing .

When Black takes off the two white stones, White can play right back inside the space left behind. He catches all the black stones and saves the ones he was worried about.

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