Rules of the UK Go Challenge 2016
Tournament Rules
1. The UK Go Challenge is open to all schools and junior Go clubs in the United Kingdom. Players must be under 18 on 31st August 2015. Age groups are based on the same date.
2. Tournaments should normally take place during the Summer term of 2016, but can be held in in the Spring term if prefered, and should be completed in time for entries for the national finals to be received by the UK Go Challenge organisers by end June 2016.
3. A tournament shall consist of five rounds played on 13x13 boards. It is recommended that the tournament should be played in five weekly sessions, allowing at least half an hour for each game.
4. The use of chess clocks is optional. If they are used, the time limit should be not less than 12 minutes per player. In any case, games must be completed - adjudication of incomplete games is not possible.
5. Scoring in tournaments is

3 points for a win
2 points for a draw
1 point  for a loss
0 points for absence.

If there is an odd number of players in the tournament, a bye (scoring 3 points) is given to the player with no opponent. A player should not have more than one bye in the tournament. If a bye has to be given, it should be given to the lowest scoring player in the tournament who has not previously received a bye.

6. Pairings are to be done on a simplified SWISS SYSTEM. Before the first round, players are roughly listed in order of strength and (in a 20 player tournament) the No.1 player plays No.11, No.2 plays No.12, and so on. (In a smaller tournament, say of 10 players, No.1 would play No.6, No. 2 would play No.7 and so on.)
7. In the second and subsequent rounds, players should be matched according to these principles, in order of priority:
(i) Nobody should normally play the same opponent more than once during the tournament.
(ii) Players on equal scores should play each other as far as possible.
(iii) As far as possible, colours should be alternated, i.e., if a player has white one round, he/she should have black the next. (Note White receives 7 extra points (komi)) However, pairing players on equal scores takes precedence over alternating colours.
8. Disputes during the event are to be settled by the teacher/parent in charge, but any queries can be referred to the UK Go Challenge Organiser.
9. In all cases the decisions of the UK Go Challenge Organiser are final, and the right to refuse entry to the competition without explanation is reserved.
10. The prizes, won as the score is reached or passed, are

1 point   Certificate
3 points Cheers Words Sticker
8 points Logo Bug
11 points Fridge Magnet

One Gold star is awarded for each game won.

The top scorer in the school/club will win the Winner's Certificate and Prize.
In the case of a tie, there will need to be a play-off to decide who wins it.
You may award an additional prizes if you wish.

National Finals
11. Any young Go player will qualify for the national finals, whether thy have taken part in a heat or not, and won lots of games or not. We want as many youngsters as possible to meet other young people who like to play Go and experience the excitement of the national finals.
12. Young players who are fairly new to the game and did play in a heat compete for the title of Best Challenger.
13. There will be an reduced entry fee for the national finals if they played in a heat, a higher fee if not. Entries must be received before the advertised cut-off date.
How To Enter
14. The entry fee for the tournament for one school or club is £10, which provides enough prizes for up to 10 players. If you wish to enrol further players this can be done at a cost of £10 per additional 10 players. Postage is extra if needed.
A school or club entering the tournament will receive a full set of rules and instructions along with their pack of prizes.
15. To enter the UK Go Challenge, send your school or club name, the name of your main contact person, postal address, phone number and e-mail address, together with the entry fee, to

    Tony Atkins (British Go Association), 37 Courts Road, Earley, Reading, RG6 7DJ

Here is a printable entry form. Please make cheques payable to "British Go Association".
16. There is no closing date for entries but we have to receive your entry in time to get the tournament pack back to you. Packs will normally be passed to contacts at a future Go event or, if postage is paid, despatched by return mail.
17. If local circumstances mean that you need to deviate from the standard format and rules, then please check with the UK Go Challenge Organiser that such changes are acceptable, and ensure that competitors are aware of the change.
18. Any queries about entering, or about the rules, can be directed to the UK Go Challenge Organiser.
      0118-9268143      info @

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