Reading Go Club

Reading Go Club


Monday evenings from 18:30

except bank holidays

Eclectic Games

5 Union Street

The shop is on the west side of Union Street, which is a shop-lined alley running between the two main shopping streets of Friar Street and Broad Street, known locally as "Smelly Alley" (thanks to the wet fish shop and other stores).

Entry Fee

We meet during Eclectic Games' Monday games evening, thanks to Becky and the staff at the shop. They have an entry fee of £3.00, just pay the person on the till, but they usually allow the first visit for free.
Note the shop is shut between 18:00 and 18:30 when it reopens for gaming.
The shop is sometimes closed during bad weather or staff illness.

Games Room

We meet in the large upstairs playing room of the shop. There will be lots of other games going on too, such as Settlers, Warcraft, trading games. The consequence is that it is sometimes a bit noisy, especially when players start discussing the rules, but the new site is more spread out, so it should be quieter than at the Market Place shop.

Usually we have a couple of players of dan playing strength and also players who are working their way up the kyu grades. Complete beginners are of course welcome. It is best to arrive at or near the start, as we often get tired and leave around 21:00.

There is a machine selling cans (80p), bottles (120p), crisps/snacks (50p-150p) and chocolate (mostly 60p, but some less) and now a real coffee machine (£2 for an all night cup). You are allowed to bring your own non-smelly food, but not drinks.


Reading has introduced meters for all town centre on-road parking until 8:00 pm. For free parking you have to park outside the IDR ring-road, say in Great Knollys Street. There are two nearby multistoreys, in the Queens Road and Mill Lane, which offer a cheaper evening rate, if you can't find anywhere for free.

However we are less than five minutes from the station and several bus routes stop at the end of the alley on Friar Street.


Naturally the shop stocks an extensive range of games, including traditional games such as Go.

Club Secretary

Jim Clare
0118 950 7319

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