Obsolete: GoDraw Development

GoDraw V 6.2.3 is now available for general use as from 26/04/06:

NEW in version 6.2.3:

Draw displays Grades rather than MMS. Also during editing of draw or Manual draw again we show Grades, not MMS

Update DrawMaster section to refer to new Handbook rather than repeating the material.
NEW in version 6.2.2:

The editing of the rounds field is now achieved via a drop down list for improved reliability.

Extended register import fields to include separate columns for Given and Family names. Also now accepts the fields Group and Rounds

New section Register Edits explains how to navigate round the register, delete players and edit any of the fields.

Update to include all the new register import functionality.
NEW in version 6.2.0:

Deletion restarts autocompletion

You can scroll through the list of names in the player list using the up/down arrow keys without opening the list.

You can import player details into the register from a text file. Please read the new section 'Import Register' in the Manual for format details.

BUGFIXES at version 6.2.3:

  1. Viewing ranklist for previous round now shows correct ranklist, not final.
  2. Autocompletion was incorrect after typing illegal character then Escape.

BUGFIXES at version 6.2.2:

  1. Delete trailing characters in names restarts autocompletion before typing.
  2. Misleading message when both tiebreaks set to 'None'.
  3. Missing warning in Swiss manual pairing when weaker player is white.
  4. Viewing player details while editing may cause edit undo.
  5. Adding single board to new room, rather than to last room.

BUGFIXES at version 6.2.1:

  1. Cursor jumping to end of field while editing register.
  2. Sleeping players above the bar counted at close of registration.
  3. Draw comment displaying 'handicap' for 'no komi' games.
  4. Spurious scrolling in the Groups form.
  5. Unsafe Group edits in Swiss or All Play All tournaments.
  6. Need to press Enter twice to get next batch of 5 results, if there was a missing result in the batch.

Please see the Introduction and Quick Tour sections of the Manual to get a fast overview of the system. The Manual is included in the download file.

Last updated Sat Apr 20 2013. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.