Shodan Challenge: 2011-2012

Replaced by the Online Study Group in 2013.

What is the Shodan Challenge?

The challenge is to get to 1 dan, or to achieve another target of your choosing for your study for the next year. Signing up to the challenge is a commitment to do some regular study and some serious play. In exchange we arrange for a mentor to help you get stronger.

Many people taking up the challenge also choose to volunteer to mentor a weaker player. Teaching is an excellent way of consolidating your knowledge, and a good learning experience in itself. We recommend signing up for that, too - just say in the entry form if you're willing to take part in this way too.

Who can take the challenge?

To sign up, you must be a BGA member, and you must be a kyu player.

You also must be prepared to make the commitment to study and set yourself a target. If you are not yet ready for the 1 dan target, you should choose a lesser one for yourself. Generally, 10 kyus and weaker should be aiming to improve by at least 3 grades, 2 kyus to 9 kyus should be aiming to improve by at least 2 grades. It is also possible, if you prefer, to set a different sort of target: "I intend to seriously review at least one of my games each week", "I intend to do X problems every week", etc.

This Year's Challenge

The 2011-2012 Shodan Challenge will start on the 1st July. Please sign up to be assigned a mentor.

Please report any problems to the organisers.

New Ideas This Year

In order to make the Shodan Challenge more of a success for everyone involved, this year we are going to be trying out some new possibilities. Group lectures on KGS and discussions on a private, dedicated forum will be available to make sure participants get the most out of the Challenge. Also, specific study ideas will be sent out frequently to ensure that everyone always has something to be working towards with their mentor. We also hope to organise teaching sessions at some events to give an extra boost to those involved.

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