Obsolete: Shodan Challenge Entry Form 2011-2012

Entry for 2011-2012 is officially closed

However, the organiser may, at his discretion, accept your entry

I am a BGA member and wish to apply for the Shodan Challenge (please apply by 1st July; applying later may mean you have less than a year to study, and will make it harder to assign you to a suitable mentor):

If you are not yet a BGA member but would like to take part in the Shodan Challenge, please first join the BGA and then fill out this form.

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Do you ever play at any Go clubs, and if so, which?
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Your target grade for 31st May 2011, if appropriate 
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Do you have any other target?
Would you be interested in mentoring someone weaker than you as part of the Shodan Challenge?
How many tournaments do you expect to enter this year and, if you know, which ones?  
How much hours per week are you committing to study Go?  
How many games per week are you committing to play?  
Which servers do you play on (please give username and rating)?  
If you failed to keep up your time commitment and study would you expect to be dropped from the Challenge?  

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