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We support and encourage the community of Go players in the UK. We welcome anybody who loves the game of Go, is interested in the game or just wants to support the idea of promoting Go. Joining us connects you to a group of enthusiastic Go players and a keen and dedicated organisation.

Membership gives you:

Your money also goes towards:

  • affiliation fees to the European Go Federation and the International Go Federation
  • support of the rating system
  • our promotional activities, especially for children and other young players and external events
  • materials and other help for your own promotional activities
  • subsidising teaching activities for our members at all levels
  • loans of sets, clocks, draw computer and mobile phone for tournaments
  • representation of the game of Go to government organisations
  • public liability and loss/damage insurance for BGA events

Clubs are entitled to

  • have a free entry in our online directory and map
  • have their own free pages hosted on our website
  • free quantities of our promotional literature
  • subsidised visits for teaching purposes by dan players
  • loans of sets, clocks, draw computer and mobile phone for tournaments
  • public liability and loss/damage insurance for tournaments
  • publicity for tournaments and events through the website and the British Go Journal

Startup clubs are also entitled to

  • free loans of boards and stones
  • limited financial backing, e.g. guarantees for room bookings

We provide membership at discounted rates to young people, students and those receiving a UK State benefit (not including the UK State Pension).

We have a separate membership scheme for Schools.

Our Join the BGA page lists the rates, payment methods and links to the membership form.

If you have any queries about membership please contact our Membership Secretary, whose address is on our Contacts page.

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