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Sue Paterson


Sue, 53, is now semi-retired from social work and lives in Arundel in Sussex, where she runs the local Go club. She used to be active on the London Go scene, before moving south. She has represented the UK five times at the world level in both Women's and Pair Go Championships and also at the WMSG 2008 in Beijing. She hopes to spend more time in her allotment and studying Go.

October 2008

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Alex Selby

Grade: 4 dan

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John Collins


John encountered Go vaguely in 1969, at Cambridge in 1972 and again in 1976 and always meant to get into it seriously but never quite got round to it until 2005 when he rolled up at St Albans Go club from which they haven't yet found an excuse to chuck him out.

He's sort of crawled out of the DDK pit painfully slowly since then. He would like to reach a sensible playing level before his dotage.

Until the summer of 2013 he ran an Open-Source software company in Welwyn Garden City, founded in 1986.

John admits responsibility for the online league software which he started in 2009. Because of (or in spite of) this, he was elected to the council as Online Chairman in 2010.

4th January 2011

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Neil Moffatt


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Mike Lynn


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Ian Davis

Grade: 1 dan

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Colin Maclennan


I first encountered the game of Go way back in the 70s. A colleague at work, a keen chess player, one day brought in a Japan Airlines leaflet about the game and suggested we try it out in our lunch break. So that is what we did, using squared paper and drawing circles that we shaded or not to represent stones.

It was a cumbersome way to play and we did not get far, although we did begin to realise that building walls enclosing watertight areas in one part of the board while your opponent did the same in another part was probably not the best strategy. But it was enough to stimulate me to visit a Go club that was currently meeting in a house in Croydon. It was a long way from where I lived, and I only managed a couple of visits before family pressures took over and I relegated Go to the "RIP" section of my brain.

Years later, after I retired from the Department of Transport (I was a traffic engineer), I took over the chess club at our local junior school which my youngest daughter attended. Her initial interest in the game soon evaporated, but by that time I was locked to running the club and it was several years before I got away!

I thought about taking up the game myself, but a couple of visits to the local chess club discouraged me. At this point I recalled my brief encounter with Go all those years before. A trawl on the Internet, which we had just installed, and I was soon visiting the Twickenham club on a regular basis. The rest, as they say, is history.

May 2011

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Paul Barnard


Runs the BGA Game Analysis Service and previously was Membership Secretary from April 2012 to January 2017.

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Alex Kent

Grade: 2 dan

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Ingrid Jendrzejewski


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