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21-Nov: Gerry Gavigan Takes Second Place in Cork

Gerry Gavigan (13k) from South London took second place in the 2014 UCC Tournament. This was held in the Mardyke Pavillion of University College Cork, situated in their sports area next to the River Lee. The 13 players who took part all played handicap games with a maximum of nine stones. Gerry won four games to win 100 euro only losing to the winner, Philippe Renaud (2d) from Galway. Philippe won all five games to gain the 150 euro first prize and Thomas Shanahan (4k Cork) took the third place on SOS tie-break from Artur Gower (18k Galway).


20-Nov: President Closes Out the Spanish Inquisition

The UK's match against Spain on 18th November was split so that board 1 was played a day later.

Des Cann on board 2 wrote: My opponent started our game with the wrong overtime and I didn't notice causing a flurry of emails and abortive attempts to restart. On the board things were much calmer and I was able to plan the yose fairly early. My opponent got a ko in my corner but just using big yose as ko threats was good enough for me. He lived but I won the game quite safely.

Toby Manning on board 3 wrote: We had a fairly quiet game, with no major fights. I played a simple fuseki, ending up ahead and by the early middle game I simply had to avoid a major disaster – either losing a group or letting him get a large...

17-Nov: Matthew Cocke Regains Three Peaks Title

After a year gap Matthew Cocke regained the Three Peaks title. He won all five games, at the event at the Commodore Inn in Grange-over-Sands, to take the title for the fifth time. Winning four games were Roger Huyshe (4k Shropshire) and David Cantrell (6k South London). 31 players, including organiser Bob Bagot, took part.

A new venture this year was a team event with a small engraved toast rack as the prize. This was kindly donated by Graham Blackmore (one of the regulars). The first winners were a team from Shropshire -The Wollerton Wanderers - Brian Timmins, Kath Timmins and Roger Huyshe.


13-Nov: BGJ 169 now available

The Autumn 2014 edition of the British Go Journal, number 169, is now available in the members' area as a PDF and should be soon arriving in the post with members (except for electronic only members).

09-Nov: Fun and Games at Letchworth Rapid Play

Organiser Alison Bexfield wished that all the 26 players at the first Letchworth Rapid Play had fun, and the thirty minute time limits saw most games ending in fun battles and not reaching their natural end. The venue was the Central Methodist Church in Letchworth Garden City which allowed the main group of players to be in the hall, but also a group of junior novices to be able to play 13x13 games in a side room.

Prizes were awarded by sections. The Open section winner was Tim Hunt (2d Milton Keynes) with six wins. Major Section (3k-9k) was won...

04-Nov: European youth online team tournament

I am pleased to announce that the UK is fielding a national youth team in the first European Youth Go Team Tournament (which is being held online for logistical reasons).

We have a squad of 12 players from which we select 5 players for each match of which one must be U20, two U16 and two U12. Well done to the 12 players who have been selected for the national youth squad:

  • U20 Melchior Chui
  • U20 Thomas Meehan
  • U16 Hasan Nisa
  • U16 Dylan Zhu
  • U16 Charlotte Bexfield
  • U16 Roella Smith
  • U16 Kelda Smith
  • U16 Alex Terry
  • U12 Oscar Selby
  • U12 Edmund Smith
  • U12 Anthony Ghica
  • U12 Hilary Bexfield

Our first match will be a...

29-Oct: UK Pair Wins Prize at IAPGC

The 25th International Amateur Pair Go Championships was held in Tokyo at the end of October. To celebrate the silver jubilee, in addition to the usual 32 pairs from Japan and around the world an extra 30 guests were invited, people who have proved keen to promote Pair Go over the last quarter century. From the UK the extra invites went to Tony Atkins, Francis Roads, Alison and Simon Bexfield.

As the pair from Turkey dropped out at short notice, Alison and Simon were promoted to the status of players. They won two of their five...

28-Oct: Northerners prevail at the Wessex

The 45th Wessex Tournament was held at St Mark’s Community Centre once again, as usual taking place on the day the clocks go back. 34 players competed for trophies.

Tongzhou Cai, a 3-dan student from Glasgow, travelled furthest and took victory as overall winner. Other winners were Martin Harvey (5k) and Dick Norton (8k), both from Manchester. Saving face for the southerners was Peter Collins (2k, Bristol). All these four won three games.

Thanks go to the organisers, including Ian Sharpe and David King.


22-Oct: Two wins in a row for the UK!

We won our second game of this year against Lithuania 3-1, but are only third in the league on games won. Nevertheless a promising start. Links to the games are available on our main PGETC page

Andrew Simons writes about his game on Board 1:

"My game started with a strange joseki mistake in the Kobayashi opening where my opponent forgot to pincer, but the real fun started when he played a fighting variation in the top right corner. His descent of q18 should have been r18 hane then n16 jump, but taking advantage of that was not easy and we ended up with two eyeless groups of his surrounding my ko-to-capture corner as a...

21-Oct: Paul Smith wins British Small Board Championship

There were 12 players in this year's tournament, held in Robinson College in Cambridge. As usual there were some excellent cakes.

The overall winner was determined by even games with double elimination. Most other games were handicap games. Games played with handicaps are shown in red. A couple of games in the first round were affected by dodgy clocks, but thankfully nobody complained too much and the problem was then sorted with the help of Andrew's phone.

Paul Smith (pictured) was the organiser, and also winner for the second time. He celebrated by going...

19-Oct: Festival of Japan in Durham a great success for Go!

Photos by Tom Coulthard, Alice Ambrose-Thurman and Chizu Kobayashi

On Saturday 11th October Durham Go Club ran a teaching event at Durham Oriental Museum, as part of their Festival of Japan - celebrating the teaching of Japanese at the University of Durham. The Japanese Embassy kindly sponsored Chizu Kobayashi-san, a 5d Japanese professional, to come to Durham to assist with this.

Kobayashi-san taught a range of people, from some of our stronger club dan players to complete beginners. We had around 20 club members turn out for the...

17-Oct: News changes

We've changed the format of our main News page, accessed from the link at the top of every page. This is now at

The old one is still available at the old address of, so if you prefer the new one please change any bookmark you have for this.

Please let us know what you think!

13-Oct: Jon Diamond Regains East Midlands

Jon Diamond seems to only win the East Midlands in even years, so having won in 2010 and 2012, he was back as champion in 2014. He was one of several BGA council members in the Leicester area for the weekend, as there was a council meeting on the Sunday.

The only other player on three wins was Edwina Lee (Maidenhead).

32 players took part.

As the main organiser fell ill, the full results were delayed.


12-Oct: Andrew Kay also wins Second Game

Game 2 of the best of five title match for the British Championship was played on Sunday 12th October in Milton Keynes, the day after game 1.

Current champion Andrew Kay played white against Alex Kent and won by resignation at about 15:30 to give him a 2-0 lead in the best-of-five match.

The game was again broadcast in the British Room of KGS ( by BGAadmin.


11-Oct: Andrew Kay wins First Game in Title Match

Game 1 of the best of five title match for the British Championship was played on Saturday 11th October in Milton Keynes. Current champion Andrew Kay from Birmingham played black against Alex Kent from Chepstow, starting at 10:00 with a break for lunch (at a ramen restaurant).

The game was broadcast in the British Room of KGS ( Andrew won by resignation at about 15:30


06-Oct: Durham Oriental Museum Festival of Japan

As part of its Festival of Japan, Durham Oriental Museum are running a Go teaching event with Durham Go Club on Saturday 11th October 1pm-5pm. The Japanese Embassy have organised for 5d pro Chizu Kobayashi to come, and the event is free and open to all.

There should be teaching appropriate for a wide range of strengths, from complete beginners upwards, including members of the public. Anyone who would like to come to Durham for the event - whether to learn or to help teach - will be more than welcome.

More details are at

06-Oct: North London win London Teams Again

The autumn edition of the London International Teams stayed at the Melton Mowbray pub and again on a Saturday, but this time the teams had five players.

A North London Go Club player raised a team of players from around London to defend the title. They managed to win all three matches, by three boards to two, to retain the trophy.

The other three teams each won a match and the order on games won was second Wanstead, third Nippon and fourth SLGC from South London.

As usual all players won a prize but those...

30-Sep: UK Starts New Season at Top of C League

Our first match in the new season of the C League was against Greece, one of the newest Go countries in Europe. We won it 3-1, to end the day at the top of the league alongside Bulgaria and just above Lithuania, who both also won 3-1.

  1. Des Cann (B) beat Konstantinos Michailidis (Crates, 1k) by 32.5 sgf
  2. Paul Taylor (W) beat Dimitrios Satkas (notevenbad, 5 kyu) by resignation sgf
  3. Toby Manning (B) beat Harris Lambrakis (Drugon, 5 kyu ) by resignation sgf
  4. Jonathan Gallimore (W) lost to Dionisios Sema (Mathsnails, 7 kyu) by 41.5 sgf

Our League Page for 2014-2015 with sgf links

Update: Croatia - Kazakhstan ended a day late...

30-Sep: We've got some website problems

Due to some scammers using our domain name a few weeks ago we've been having some problems with people trying to contact us and various people through our website. This also applies to registrations to the London Open this year.

Unfortunately, the problem has led to some ISPs dropping emails from us without notification, so we're not aware of exactly which emails are not being received.

Sadly, despite our efforts, we can't be sure that all ISPs have unbanned us, so if you don't receive a response within a week please feel free to try to contact the person via an alternative route (including using a phone!) or escalate your request to someone else directly.

We'd like to apologise for this problem...

28-Sep: Visiting Jitka has a Perfect Weekend Break

Jitka Bartova (1d) was visiting the UK from Prague for a weekend with her friend Ngoc-Trang Cao who is a current member of Leamington Club. Luckily John Green could give them both a lift to the Swindon Tournament, so Jitka could promote the 2015 European Go Congress in Liberec and also win the tournament, to make a perfect weekend away.

Simon Shiu had stopped Ngoc-Trang from winning another event in round one, but Simon lost to Jitka in round two. This lead to a final-round clash with Bristol's Richard Hunter (2d), the only other top player on two wins....