BGA Volunteers Request


Many of you will be aware that Gerry Mills has said that after 16 years and at the age of 80 he will be giving up the job of Book Seller at the end of November. I'd like to specially thank him for all his many years of effort on behalf of the BGA and also ask if there is anyone interested in taking over the role, or assisting someone else in trying to replace Gerry (which will be very big boots to fill).

Secondly, Edwin Brady is planning to retire as Secretary at the AGM, so we're looking for a new Secretary.

Xinyi Lu is also planning to retire from Council at the AGM. The other Council members are prepared to stand again, with Joss White being co-opted during the year seeking election. However, I'd like to invite members who are interested in being on Council to volunteer, either to stand for election or possibly to be co-opted.

We've got a number of vacant posts listed on the website, so we're still looking specifically for:

  • Regional reps
  • Teaching in Clubs Officer
  • Teaching Event Officials
  • BGJ miscellaneous helpers
  • Regional Youth reps

Anna Griffiths is trying to get together a number of helpers prepared to undertake telephone calls, so that we can follow up with people who haven't renewed their membership - to help and persuade them to renew and also to understand the reasons if they don't.

We're hoping to implement a new online membership system this year, so we're needing people with PHP and MySQL experience to help with implementing and managing this, preferably with Drupal experience also. If you have this, please let us know.

Finally, if you think there's a task that we're not doing, or not doing well, and that you're interested in doing then why not volunteer to do that specifically?

Please contact me or one of the other Council members if you're interested in any of these roles.

Last updated Tue Feb 02 2010. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.