Online Team League Draw done for Season 3

Online Team League Season 3
1 February 2011 - 15 December 2011

The draw has now been done for Season 3 of the online team league.

There are 6 teams in each of divisions 1 and 2 so the intention is that each team will play 5 matches roughly a month apart between February and June.

There are 5 teams in each of divisions 3 and 4 so each team will play 4 matches roughly 6 weeks apart with one bye between February and June. Divisions 3 and 4 will continue to have handicaps this season but now grade difference - 1.

The season will however run to October to give every team a chance to complete its matches, especially allowing for the summer months but the teams are encouraged to complete their matches and avoid all the defaults we had to award last season.

We hope to have "tie-breaker" matches in November and the first part of December between teams tying or close to tying for the top or bottom spot in each division which hopefully should add some spice!

We hope everyone enjoys the season and we see some interesting games. We would love it if "gurus" can provide commentary on the games.

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