New Book review service

As a further service to the Go world we have now started providing a number of Book Reviews online as part of our website. They are available as the Book Reviews link in the Books and Sets section.

These will typically be copies of reviews that have been previously published in the British Go Journal (BGJ), but have now been brought together in one easy accessible place.

Initially we have started with 9 recent ones, but it is our intention that older ones and any reviews of software or services that are produced will be added to these when available.

We solicit reviews of books, software etc. from anyone, but reserve the right to reject and/or edit them as necessary to conform to our website guidelines. Typically we will wish to publish them in the BGJ first, so in the first instance please contact the BGJ Editor.

Last updated Fri Feb 18 2011. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.