End of Season 3 of the online leagues

Online Leagues
6 December 2011

I intend to close the current online league seasons at midday on Saturday 17th December 2011.

This will represent the end of the third season of the team league and the first proper season of the Individual League.

Not all the matches in the team league have been finished, however in nearly all cases I believe the outcome will be fair if I declare all the outstanding games to be drawn. If anyone disagrees, please contact me as soon as possible.

However please do not feel inhibited in trying to complete games and matches before then!

Also don't forget the individual league which has almost fallen into disuse!

The unassailable winner of Division 2 in the Individual League will be Xinyi Lu, who was undefeated. I know we are all shocked and horrified at his untimely death and his recorded games in both leagues, most of which he won, will be a small memorial to him.

Please can all teams confirm that they are able and willing to play next season, which will start at the beginning of February. We would like to get as many games played as possible, and hopefully have expert reviews of some of them for us all to learn from. If at all possible, and especially if we do not have as many teams, I should like to have a brisker pace of games and a notional "home" and "away" match between each pair of teams.

Next year we'll be additionally able to take subscriptions for the leagues by Paypal straight from the league website. We are sorry that the aspect of payments of subscriptions have become a little less than perfectly organised over the past seasons. Please note that we are raising the subscriptions to £15 for the team league and £10 for the individual league (with surcharges for non-BGA members).

If anyone has any questions, suggestions, compliments or complaints, please do not hesitate to get hold of me.

Last updated Wed Dec 07 2011. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.