Online Individual League prizes named in memory of Xinyi Lu

Online Individual League

I know that I speak for all of the British Go community in saying how shocked and horrified we all were to learn of the untimely death of Xinyi Lu in October whilst on holiday in China.

At the time of his death, Xinyi had attained an unassailable position at the head of division 2 in the first full season of the Online Individual League, having had a 100% record of wins in all of his games. His promotion to Division 1 would have been inevitable.

As a small token in memorial to him, and with the kind agreement of his parents, we are going to henceforth call the prize given to the winners of each division in each season of the Individual League the "Xinyi Lu Prize".

The winners of the Xinyi Lu Prize for the first full season will be Andrew Simons in Division 1, Xinyi Lu himself in Division 2 and myself in Division 3. Andrew Simons and I have both agreed to donate the value of our prizes to Xinyi's parents to assist them with their legal costs in connection with his death.

We would ask that those who have played in the Individual League but have not paid the subscriptions, which for the first season were £5 for BGA members and £8 for non-BGA members, please pay this knowing that the whole of the amount paid will be going to Xinyi's parents. I will be happy to collect this and send it on. I do have a Paypal account which people can use.

We hope that this small memorial will go a small way to softening the blow of his loss to all who knew him, especially for his family.

John Collins, 12 Dec 2011

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