Nihon Ki-in Summer Go School & Go Camp

The Nihon Kiin has announced its Summer Go School:

The Summer Go School is the intensive go program for overseas go players which includes workshops, teaching games by pros and go camp.

If you want to get stronger in short time period and want to experience, feel and touch Japanese Go culture, it would be just for you!

  1. General Info -Term: From 20 to 29 August 2012 -Place: The Nihon Ki-in -Participants: Suitable for from 15 kyu to high dan players.

  2. Contents

1) Workshops Several young pros of The Nihon Ki-in will give you sessions every day from morning to evening except Saturday. There will be two classes in sessions to let us provide you with suitable intensive program by skill level: Class A for Dan players and Class B for Kyu players. You may also receive teaching games from several pros and they can also review each of your games deeply. (* Takemiya Masaki 9p may also give you teaching games and review your games.)

2) Go Camp We are now planning above camp. We will let you know the details as soon as our plan is finalized.

3) Special Tour -You may enter the very famous Yugen no ma which is used only top players’ match and was seen on Hikaru no go several times. -You may be allowed to watch professional matches at The Nihon Ki-in. -You may be allowed to watch Insei match in weekend.

4) Others -The fellowship with top and/or famous players will be arranged.
-You can play a game with a traditional four legged goban at a Tatami room of The Nihon Ki-in that many professional players often use for their study meetings.
-Visiting some of top Japanese Universities in Tokyo, you will play a goodwill match against the top University go players.

  1. Fee The program fee will be between JPY40,000 and JPY50,000 which is not including your accommodation. We will assist you in your reservation of affordable accommodation in Tokyo from USD40/night to USD60/night.

Please note that the Summer School may be cancelled if the number of participants does not reach 20 people.

For further information please contact Tom Urasoe:

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