Nihon Ki-in Summer Go School

Tom Urasoe writes:

It is our great pleasure to inform you that we plan to hold The Nihon Ki-in Summer Go School from 27 August 2012 for 10 days in Japan. (Most of the programs will be held at The Nihon Ki-in.)

About Summer Go School

The Summer Go School is the intensive go program only for overseas go players who wish to get stronger in a short time period and/or to experience, feel and touch the world's preeminent Go culture in Japan! To help you become stronger, our selective professionals will zealously give you intensive go sessions in English such as teaching games and lectures from morning to evening during the period. (In case, interpreters will be provided whenever needed to assist the professionals or participants.) For further information on the Summer School, please find attached file.

Special Tours

There are several special tours to be arranged for the participants of The Summer School. For example, we plan to give the participants a special tour for 1st game of the 37th Meijin title match, which will be held on 30 and 31 August 2012 in Tokyo.

How to Apply

You need to submit the application form to the following email: or FAX: +81-3-3239-0899.
The application form can be downloaded from our website:


1) The deadline for your application is 30 June 2012.

2) The Summer Go School may be canceled if the number of participants does not reach 20 people by above date.

3) This Summer School program is not an annual event. Next summer we will be the host country to organise the 34th World Amateur Go Championship and we don't know if we can hold the Summer School in 2014 or after.

We will be looking forward to holding above event in August and as many as go players will participate in the special event!

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