Members' Picture Gallery

Some pictures of some past and present BGA members or key people in the British Go scene. Some of these members are BGA officers and some are dan players. Click on any image to see a larger version.

Baron Allday

David Artus

Tony Atkins

Adam Atkinson

Bob Bagot

Pauline Bailey

Steve Bailey

Paul Barnard

Ron Bell

Alison Bexfield

Simon Bexfield

Ed Blockley

Elinor Brooks

William Brooks

Des Cann

Jackie Chai

Mike Charles

Jim Clare

Matthew Cocke

Jon Diamond

France Ellul

John Fairbairn

John Gibson

Simon Goss

Anna Griffiths

Malcolm Hagan

David Hall

T Mark Hall

Helen Harvey

Martin Harvey

Bob Hitchens

Tim Hunt

Richard Hunter

Geoff Kaniuk

Matthew Macfadyen

Emma Marchant Benjamin

Toby Manning

Paul Margetts

Charles Matthews

Sue Paterson

Graham Lamburn

Tony Putman

Natasha Regan

Matthew Reid

Alex Rix

Francis Roads

Alex Selby

Piers Shepperson

Paul Smith

Bill Streeten

Maria Tabor

Kiyohiko Tanaka

Brian Timmins

Kathleen Timmins

Alistair Wall

David Ward

Phil Ward-Ackland

Nick Wedd

Peter Wendes

Matthew Woodcraft

Contributions welcome

We apologise for the poor quality of some of these pictures. Better pictures are always welcome. Even more welcome are pictures of people not currently shown here.

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