Tournaments 2010

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Tournament Namesort icon Title Next Tournament Date Report/Result
European Youth Goe Championships European Youth Goe Championships 04 Mar - 07 Mar Foreign Tournament Report
European Women's Go championship Vanessa second in European Women 16 Oct - 17 Oct Foreign Tournament Report
European Team Tournament Netherlands win Euroteams 13 Aug - 15 Aug Foreign Tournament Report
European Students Will Brooks third in European Students 10 Sep - 12 Sep Foreign Tournament Report
European Go Congress Yohei Top for UK at EGC 2010 24 Jul - 07 Aug Foreign Tournament Report
East Midlands Jon takes first at Space Centre 27 Nov UK Tournament Report
East Midlands East Midlands Tournament: Results 2010 27 Nov UK Tournament Result
Durham Durham Tournament: Results 2010 19 Jun - 20 Jun UK Tournament Result
Durham Biggest Durham Ends in 3-way Tie 19 Jun - 20 Jun UK Tournament Report
Devon Devon Tournament: Results 1995 22 Jul UK Tournament Result
Coventry Matthew holds on to Coventry 06 Nov UK Tournament Report
Coventry Coventry Tournament: Results 2010 06 Nov UK Tournament Result
Coventry Coventry Tournament: Results 1996 24 Mar UK Tournament Result
Cornish Open Cornwall Tournament: Results 2010 12 Sep UK Tournament Result
Cornish Handicap Cornwall Lightning Handicap: Results 2010 11 Sep UK Tournament Result
Cornish Teachers beat local Cornish organiser 11 Sep - 12 Sep UK Tournament Report
Cheshire Cheshire Tournament: Results 2010 13 Feb UK Tournament Result
Cheshire Ward and Neeves win Cheshire 13 Feb UK Tournament Report
Challengers' League Challengers' League Results: 2010 28 May - 31 May UK Tournament Result
Challengers' League Vanessa to Challenge Matthew for British Championship 28 May - 31 May UK Tournament Report