Shodan Challenge weekly email 1

Hello everybody, how is it going?

We hope that by now you have got in touch with your mentor/mentee - if not why not? Don't wait for the other person, do it yourself!

Thinking about ways to get started, we would suggest that first of all the mentor should get a chance to look at a game played by the mentee, either over the board or as a record. This is not so much in order to comment (though that would be useful) but more in order to be able to give some advice on what directions to study.

In terms of suggesting good programs to use for commenting games, CGoban has the advantage that people can also use the same software for connecting to KGS and playing teaching games, and talking in the British room. Does anyone else have favourite software to recommend - please post!

Now is also the time for mentees to get themselves organized into a little bit of a study routine. It is much better to have a short time every day than a long time less frequently. Personally, I tend to study a go book for maybe 5 minutes as the last thing before I go to sleep, though this does perhaps mean that I play better when tired than when awake :-( Remember that studying Go is not the same thing as playing Go, though they can overlap. Also try to find a time and place in the week when you can study in peace using a full sized board for a reasonable time.

Try to take something learned away from each study session, and then start the next session by trying to recall what you learned in the last one. If you can't remember it, then you didn't learn it, and need to go back over it again.

Mentors -- why not add some comments to that initial game that say why particular moves are bad, without suggesting better ones, and then see if your mentor can make better suggestions?

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