36th London Open Go Congress 2009

A Pandanet Major Tournament

Sponsored by Pandanet and Winton Capital Management

28 December 2009 to 31 December 2009



Organised by the British Go Association and the Central London Go Club

in collaboration with the European Go Federation.

Supported by the Nippon Club.

Professional Teacher!   Central venue!

If you have stayed at ISH before,
please carefully read the new accommodation booking procedure.

Winton Capital Management is a UK based investment management company founded by David Harding in 1997. It is almost unique in that it relies solely on scientific research in mathematics, statistics and computer science, to develop successful investment management strategies.

In view of their continuing generous sponsorship, we are pleased to be able to announce that Guo Juan 5p will attend the tournament to provide professional one-to-one games analysis at all levels as well as group sessions and lectures. In addition we will be providing cash prizes for the first five places as well as special prizes for kyu levels.

The London Open is held at the International Students House very near to Regent's Park. In association with Park Crescent Conference Centre well furnished playing facilities are provided, as well as low cost accommodation in a variety of formats. The congress takes place mainly in their very large Theatre, and the BGA bookshop will be in attendance. Players (and even their family!) are able to stay on site and enjoy all the facilities provided including bar, internet access and restaurant.

Top games will be broadcast live on Pandanet

Please note that registration starts at 12:00 on Monday 28th December, allowing players to travel on the first morning of the tournament.


International Students House , 229 Great Portland Street , London , W1W 5PN

The map shows how to find the venue. It is in the centre of London, right next door to Great Portland Street station between Baker Street and King's Cross on the Circle, Metropolitan, and Hammersmith & City lines. It is also near to Regent's Park and Warren Street underground stations. On the one hand you will be able to take a crisp walk in Regent's Park, and on the other you can be in the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street shopping within a 10 minute walk.


If you arrive early on Sunday 27, you can play Go in the Cyber-Cafe.

Sunday 27 18:00 - 22:00 Organisers available for arrivals from abroad.
Monday 28 12:00 - 14:00          Registration
14:15                      Opening Ceremony
14:30    Round 1
18:30    Round 2
Tuesday 29 10:00    Round 3
14:15    Round 4
19:00                     Pair Go
Wednesday 30 10:00    Round 5
14:15    Round 6
19:00                     Lightning
Thursday 31 10:00    Round 7
14:00                     Packup
14:00                     Game Commentary
14:30                     Closing Ceremony
15:15                     Rengo Tournament
19:30                     New Year's Eve Meal
22:00                     Games and drinks

After the closing ceremony we will have a Rengo tournament for those who are staying for the New Year celebrations. There will also be an evening meal arranged at a local venue on 31st.


The London Open will be using AGA-like rules with EGF variation for dealing with illegal moves - please see Rules of Play for fine details. The tournament is run in accordance with the full Pandanet regulations.

Players are expected to enter at a realistic grade consistent with their European rating if they have one. Ratings will be checked two weeks before the tournament and appropriate adjustments to the initial McMahon score will be made where necessary. The tournament rules are:

Playing time 90 minutes if either player is 19 kyu or stronger, 60 minutes otherwise
Canadian Overtime 20 moves in 5 minutes
Handicap McMahon difference - 1 (where required)


All players are required to be familiar with the Canadian Overtime procedure:

If your main time flag falls:
   1. Count 20 stones from the bowl.
   2. Close the bowl.
   3. Reset the clock to 5 minutes.
   4. Play all 20 stones before the flag falls.
   5. When all your stones are finished, repeat the above steps, starting with 1.

If the flag falls when you are in overtime, you lose.

When your opponent is in overtime,it is considered good sportsmanlike behaviour for you to reset the clock while your opponent is counting the stones.


The London Open is a Pandanet Major Tournament in the Pandanet Go European Cup, and so the top three places will share a cash prize fund of €450. The Winton sponsorship will provide additional cash prizes for the first five places and the 1k, 10k and 20k groups, totalling €600. Trophies will be awarded for six or more wins, and for four wins you get the much valued London Open Certificate. The prizes for the lightning tournament are £100 for winner and £50 for runner up.


The lightning tournament is free to all players. The fees for the main tournament are:

Standard £30
Student £25
Junior (Under 18) £20
Late Entry Fee (Extra charge) £15 after 21 st Dec 2009
Surcharge (if you are not a member of your national Go association) £5

If you do enter by post, please make cheques payable to London Open Go Congress. However we prefer you to pay in Sterling at registration.


The International Students House offers accommodation on site in single, twin, triple, 4 bedded, and multi-bedded rooms. Players staying for the period of the congress will be entitled to a special discounted rate as shown below.

Special Discount Rates (per-person-per-night)
A Single £34.00
B Twin £26.00
C 3 Bedded £21.25
D 4 Bedded £19.00
E Multi bedded room - Dormitory £12.99 (Does not include breakfast)

Note that these rooms - except for E - include a continental breakfast voucher to the value of £2.50. Tournament organisers have stayed in the accommodation. It is simple, clean, and functional. There are toilet and shower facilities on each floor of the building.

The London Open has reserved beds at ISH, but you are warned that there is a huge demand for beds at ISH on New Year’s Eve because of their big party. If you leave your booking till shortly before the tournament, you may find that all the accommodation at ISH is fully booked .

Quieter single and double rooms are available at the Mary Trevellan Hall which is an annex to the main ISH site situated about a 10 minutes walk away. Ask to be placed in MTH if you wish for peace on New Year's Eve!


Any player entering the London Open should book accommodation directly through ISH by emailing the accommodation officer David Wilde. If you email out of office hours you will normally get an auto reponse from ISH saying that he is out of the office. You can if you wish, email accommodation. State the room type you want, clearly specify your date of arrival and date of departure, and state that you are booking accommodation for the ‘Go Tournament’ in order to obtain the discount on room prices. It is however best to wait a couple of days, but if you do not get your confirmed booking within 3 days, please email Geoff Kaniuk, who will chase it.

You will need to pay a deposit of one night’s stay on booking. ISH will accept your credit card number MASTERCARD or VISA as deposit, and the rest on arrival at ISH. Please note that once you have booked your room at ISH, you still need to enter the London Open as pre-registration and booking are entirely separate procedures!

ISH may take 1 or 2 days to answer your email. If you have problems booking directly through ISH then please contact Geoff Kaniuk who will assist you with the booking.

If you do not wish to stay at ISH, alternative (but more expensive) accommodation may be found on the web for example through http://www.wakeuplondon.co.uk/, or http://www.londontown.com/, or http://www.visitbritain.com/.


The preferred method of entry is via the ONLINE ENTRY FORM. Every entry will receive an immediate automatic email response. You will get a manual confirmation within two 2 days. You will of course need to supply your email address in the entry form. Please ensure that you use a valid address as otherwise you will not be able to receive a manual confirmation! If you do not get a manual reponse, and you are sure it is not sitting in your spam box, then please email Geoff Kaniuk with a valid reply address! You may also enter via:

  • email: Geoff Kaniuk
  • phone/fax: +44 (0)1223 710 582
  • post: 33 Ashbury Close, Cambridge CB1 3RW, United Kingdom

Players requiring Visas are reminded to apply for these early so that the required paperwork can be completed in good time.

If you fail to contact Geoff by email or phone, please contact Anna Griffiths on her mobile: 07779 238047. The tournament mobile phone 07506 555366 will be operational only during the 4 days of the congress.

If you are not entering online, please print out the online form and supply all the required detail.


If you wish your name and grade to appear in the online list of players, please indicate this in the online entry form. The default is that your name is on the list unless you explicitly ask for it not to appear. If you wish your name to be removed or added after submitting your entry, then please just email me .

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