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Title Trophy Title Holder (link is edit, but restricted access)sort icon Tournament Type
East Midlands Yuanbo Zhang
London Open Yuanbo Zhang
Cork Willem-Koen Pomstra
Thames Valley Team Trophy Wanstead Team
Northern Vit Brunner
Three Peaks Toby Manning
Shropshire Toby Manning
Maidenhead-Hitachi Toby Manning
Nottingham Sin Voon Chin
Isle of Man Afternoon Shigehiko Uno
Isle of Man Lightning Richard Hunter Lightning
Welwyn Garden City Paul Taylor
Isle of Man 13×13 Oscar Selby 13 x 13
DDK Grand Prix Oscar Selby Grand Prix
London International Teams North London Team
Belfast Ngoc-Trang Cao
British Pair Go Natasha Regan & Matthew Cocke Pair Go
South London Kyu Players Natasha Regan Handicap
London Open Lightning Mikko Siukola Lightning
UK Go Challenge Finals Melchior Chui Youth
Isle of Man Open Matthew Macfadyen
Skye Matthew Macfadyen
Cheshire Mark Elliot
Galway Marie Julien
Oxford Li Shen
Isle of Man Pair Go Keiko Uno & Shigehiko Uno Pair Go
Irish Rapid Karol Janyst Lightning
Trigantius Jon Diamond
Arundel Jon Diamond
Cornwall John Culmer
British Pair Go Handicap Jil Segerman & Pat Ridley Pair Go
Irish Open (Confucius Cup) Fan Hui
Cornwall Handicap Eric Hall Handicap
Nippon Club Cup Epsom Team
Isle of Man Handicap Edmund Smith Handicap
Youth Grand Prix Edmund Smith Youth
Our Online League (Team) Edinburgh A Team
British Youth Championship Dylan Zhu-Dong Youth
Edinburgh Christmas David Lee
Scottish Open David Lee
Scottish Championship David Lee
British Open Cornel Burzo
British Open Lightning Cornel Burzo Lightning
Bar-Low Chris Volk
Coventry Bruno Poltronieri
Cheshire Handicap Brian Timmins Handicap
London Open Pair Go Boris Mitrovic & Fynn Bachmann Pair Go
Candidates' Bei Ge
Swindon Bei Ge
British Small Board Andrew Simons 13 x 13
Terry Stacey Grand Prix Andrew Simons Grand Prix
Challengers' League Andrew Kay
British Championship Andrew Kay
London City Andrew Kay
Birmingham Andrew Kay
Milton Keynes Alistair Wall
Welsh Open Alistair Wall
Bracknell Alex Rix
Wessex Alex Kent
MSO 13x13 Aja Huang 13 x 13
MSO Open Aja Huang
MSO 9x9 Aja Huang 9 x 9
Letchworth Garden City Rapid Play Lightning