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Tournamentsort icon Type Description Start Year Current Champion Trophy
London New Year Rapid
1990 Matthew Cocke / Zhang, Shutai
London City

A 3 round McMahon, held in the City of London.

2012 Andrew Kay
London (Miscellaneous)
Liverpool Handicap Handicap
2005 George Leach
2005 Qi Chen
Letchworth Garden City Rapid Play Lightning
2014 Tim Hunt
2002 Andrew Jones

Three round McMahon. Was replaced by the East Midlands, also held in Leicester.

1976 Zixin Wu
Korean Ambassador's Cup
2007 Bei Ge
KGS Sunjang Baduk Online
2007 Roy-Andre Kirkebo
KGS Online
Alex Kent
Isle of Man Lightning Lightning

This tournament is sometimes part of the Isle of Man Go Week. It is usually run self paired, followed by a final between the best two players.

1991 Joanne Leung
Isle of Man Die Hards
2008 Paul Barnard
Irish Handicap Handicap

Ceased in 2003

1992 Roger Daniel
Ipswich (East Anglia)

Also called the East Anglian Tournament.

1978 Matthew Macfadyen
Fuseki Follow-On

In this tournament, a professional game had been chosen which had a close result and was adjudged close after the fuseki. Each player played this same game four times, twice as black and twice as white.


Held in Cupar.

Ceased in 2010

2005 David Lee
Epsom Downs (Wedding)

Held during the reception of Paul and Yvonne Margett's wedding.

1996 Alistair Wall

Ceased 2008

2002 Li Shen