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The 42nd London Open Gets Underway 09 Jan 13:01 Story UK Tournament Report
Jitka wins at Stormy Three Peaks 14 Dec 14:12 Story UK Tournament Report
UK youth team lose to Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia 12 Dec 16:12 Story Junior + ALL news
Exciting Start to British Title Match 14 Dec 14:12 Story UK Tournament Report
World Amateur Championship 24 Nov 10:11 Page
Junior Games 11 Dec 08:12 Page
Reducing Territorial Frameworks; Kiseido 23 Nov 10:11 Page Book Review
History of the British Go Journal 14 Jan 17:01 Page
Members' Discounts 12 Jan 22:01 Page
How our Dan Certificates are awarded 10 Nov 11:11 Page
An Introduction to Go 30 Dec 11:12 Page
GIFs for Drawing a Go Position 19 Nov 18:11 Page
Elementary Go Series; Vol 6 - The Endgame 23 Nov 09:11 Page Book Review
Go In Britain, 2015 16 Jan 16:01 Page
How our Grading Committee Worked 10 Nov 10:11 Page
Use of KGS Teaching Account 20 Nov 12:11 Page
How to Play Go 04 Feb 10:02 Page
UK Results 1995 09 Nov 17:11 Page
Constitution of the British Go Association 08 Jan 15:01 Page
Some Go sites with British connections 18 Nov 14:11 Page