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David Lee wins Edinburgh Christmas Tie 19 Jan 10:01 Story UK Tournament Report
Local Winner at Warwick 01 Dec 12:12 Story UK Tournament Report
UK Play First Match in Junior European League 11 Dec 12:12 Story Junior Tournament Report
First DDK Grand Prix results announced 19 Jan 10:01 Story UK Tournament Report
British Go Journals 163 and 167 now available 22 Jan 11:01 Story Announcement
Andrew Kay Holds British Championship 06 Dec 19:12 Story UK Tournament Report
Japanese Professional to visit North London Go Club 19 Jan 09:01 Story UK News
Yuanbo Zhang wins London Open 05 Jan 18:01 Story UK Tournament Report
Website Editor 16 Dec 22:12 Position
Tweeter 16 Dec 23:12 Position
British Go Journal Editor 20 Jan 09:01 Position
Oxford City Go Club 14 Feb 16:02 Page
Entering Your First Tournament 04 Feb 20:02 Page
Rules of Go used in our tournaments 10 Dec 14:12 Page
Appendix B Useful Contacts 22 Jan 11:01 Page
Guidelines for Volunteers Visiting Schools 04 Dec 09:12 Page
Where to Play 19 Jan 09:01 Page
Events Calendar 25 Feb 20:02 Page
Join the British Go Association 12 Jan 10:01 Page
Some Go Sites in English 23 Feb 16:02 Page