BGA Website style guide

This page is aimed at contributors to the BGA website. It summarises editorial policy, coding standards and assorted other best practices. It was written for the orginal site and not the new look site from Spring 2008.

Content is king

The most important thing about this site is the content. Let there be no doubt about that.

So if you have some valuable content, and it is a choice between slapping it up on the site any old how, or trying to obey all of these guidelines and therefore never getting around to it, do the former.

If you want help in making your content meet these guidelines, then by all means ask the webmaster for help.

Most of these guidelines reflect the general consensus for how things should be done in any quality publication. A few of them are, perhaps, coloured by the prejudices of the webmaster. You will just have to live with that.


There are separate pages describing fleshing out the following brief recommendations:

Not all of these are written yet. Or only partly written. If you think we are wrong about anything, please bring it to our attention.



This section is complete, although comments are still welcome if you think we have got anything wrong.

HTML and other coding issues

  • Use appropriate technologies
  • Use valid HTML and CSS code

Last updated Fri Apr 25 2008. If you have any comments, please email the webmaster on web-master AT britgo DOT org.