Note: Not all people shown here are Officials of the BGA.

Mo Amin
Anna Al-Damluji

Anna Griffiths, 32, lives in London and manages Sales and Technical Support at cloud hosting provider, ElasticHosts. At University she studied AI and her final year project was about a computer program that solved life and death problems.

Anna has been playing Go for over 20 years, having first learnt the game at Furze Platt School in Maidenhead. She was UK under 16's champion in 1996 and since then has been active in the Go community, competing in and organising many tournaments, including the European Pair Go Championship in 2005, and generally promoting Go at every opportunity.

Anna was a member of the British Go Association Council from 2003 to 2007, and she is involved in organising the annual Mind Sports Olympiad, which will be held in London in August 2012.

June 2012

Anna married Salem Al-Damluji in 2015.

Baron Allday
Alice Ambrose-Thurman
Tony Atkins

Tony started working full time on Go in 2004, but has plenty of previous experience promoting and teaching the game. He was BGA Secretary for many years and was elected to the executive of the European Go Federation in 2000, serving a period as President. He is an amateur 3 dan player having learned the game over 30 years ago. He lives in Reading.

The KisekiGo web site,, describes Tony’s introductory workshops and his sessions for players who have just started to play Go and who want to know more.


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Adam Atkinson
Bob Bagot
Pauline Bailey
Steve Bailey
Paul Barnard

Runs the BGA Game Analysis Service and previously was Membership Secretary from April 2012 to January 2017.

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Stephen Bashforth
Phil Beck

Membership Secretary for some years to April 2012 and then Honorary Auditor.

Ron Bell

Ron, 60, has recently retired to Scotland after a long career with IBM and latterly at a physics lab in Berkshire. He is married with grown up children. As he is currently president of the British Go Association, he is acting as Team Official at the WMSG 2008 in Beijing.

October 2008

Alison Bexfield

Alison, aged 44, is a chartered accountant, currently working as Head of Audit at the BBC. She is also Vice-Chairman of her local NHS hospital Trust. She has been playing go for 25 years since discovering it at Cambridge University and is a former President of the British Go Association. She has represented the UK in the Women's World Amateur Championships and in the Women's Team event at the previous World Mind Sports Games in Beijing.

June 2012

Simon Bexfield

Simon, aged 53, spent much of his career as an IT consultant. He has an interest in mathematical three-dimensional puzzles and in recent years he has designed and hand crafted a variety of new puzzles. He has also been playing Go for many years and is a former President of the Central London Go Club. Tournament playing for both Alison and Simon has taken a back seat in recent years to their growing family. They have two children, one cat and four chickens.

June 2012

Ed Blockley
Edwin Brady
Louise Bremner
Elinor Brooks
William Brooks