Note: Not all people shown here are Officials of the BGA.

Brian Brunswick
Donald Campbell
Des Cann
David Cantrell
Niall Cardin
Barry Chandler

Barry first encountered Go at 6th form after a friend found it in Lasker's Go and Go Moku. They played on a vertical maths classroom chequered chalkboard.

At Oxford Freshers Fair he found a Go club, even two. Too many names to mention from that period - but Matthew was still a kyu player in the first year and mostly taught Barry up from beginner to 6 kyu. Late 1976, for a few years in Reading he remained the junior at about 3 kyu to the collection of dans that met in their houses.

Sometime in the mid 1980's Geoff Kaniuk persuaded Barry to call himself 1 kyu at tournaments; but that was probably a step too far. Family and work were always limiting any Go study, and later on Bridge became his favoured social game.

In 2007 he hosted the Challengers League weekend at his house in Winnersh. He later moved away to Shropshire.

He was Journal Editor for Issues 140 through 150, but only co-editor for 146! Still an email voice in the BGA, though rarely plays Go. He was close to cracking 6*6, by experience alone on KGS, but inevitably the computers raced ahead. Hopefully his current building project in Shropshire will one day host another Go event. "You don't have to be good to love Go"

May 2012

In January 2017, Barry was to become the Membership Secretary but was unable to do so.

He currently looks after the BGA Archive and the T Mark Hall Archive.

Email Barry at:

Mike Charles
Tian-Ren Chen

Tian-Ren, 17, lives in Loughborough and attends a local school there, where he is doing his A-levels and hoping to apply for Computer Science at University.

He first came across Go on the internet and has since then has become slightly addicted to the game. He mainly learnt Go by playing games online and a bit of self-teaching.

Tian-Ren has won the British Youth Go championship in 2009, 2010 and 2012 and has represented the UK in a Japan-Europe Go exchange project in 2009 as well as the WMSG 2012 in Lille.

August 2012

Jonathan Chin

Jonathan lives in Cambridge. His interest in Go began at university with the discovery, in a secondhand bookshop, of Kaoru Iwamoto's introductory guide to the game. As well as playing Go, he enjoys ballroom and latin dancing.

He represented the UK at the 1st World Mind Sports Games, held in 2008 in Beijing. He has been BGA Secretary since 2010.

Contact Jonathan at

Jim Clare
Henry Clay

Henry has just finished his A-levels and hopes to study medicine at University next year. Aside from llamas, Go is his greatest passion and he has been playing obsessively for two years. Recently, he set up a Go club at a local primary school.

June 2012

Matthew Cocke

Matthew, 40, is an actuary and currently lives in Epsom, near London. He learnt Go when living as a child in Norwich and won the British Youth Championship in 1989. He has represented the UK in many different overseas events, including the 2008 WMSG in Beijing and 2012 WMSG in Lille.

June 2012

John Collins

John encountered Go vaguely in 1969, at Cambridge in 1972 and again in 1976 and always meant to get into it seriously but never quite got round to it until 2005 when he rolled up at St Albans Go club from which they haven't yet found an excuse to chuck him out.

He's sort of crawled out of the DDK pit painfully slowly since then. He would like to reach a sensible playing level before his dotage.

Until the summer of 2013 he ran an Open-Source software company in Welwyn Garden City, founded in 1986.

John admits responsibility for the online league software which he started in 2009. Because of (or in spite of) this, he was elected to the council as Online Chairman in 2010.

4th January 2011

Matt Crosby

Matt, 28, is doing a PhD in Informatics. He taught himself to play after making a go board out of a large pink bathroom tile, using dried beans as stones. He plays from time to time; occasionally he even enjoys it. He represented the UK at the WMSG 2012 in Lille.

August 2012

David Denholm
Jon Diamond

Jon is a retired IT professional living in East Sussex and learnt to play Go at school at the tender age of 14, becoming 1 dan and British Champion in 1965. He was Champion for 11 of the next 12 years, ending up by being promoted to 6 dan, but retiring to spend more time with his family (as they say) in 1977. In retirement he did represent the UK at the first World Amateur in 1979 and has been part of the UK team from the start of the Pandanet European Go team Championship.

As well as being on the BGA Council for many years in the 1970’s Jon founded the Go club at Cambridge University, started the British Go Journal and was editor for several years. More recently he produced the now obsolete BGA CD. (Barry Chandler insists he was co-editor of BGJ 146, focussing on the World Mind Sports Games - Jon isn't so sure...). He returned to playing Go competitively a few years ago, but is only playing at about 4 dan strength (on a good day) and represented the UK at the World Mind Sports Games in 2008 and 2012.

When at University Jon was one of the early pioneers in Computer Go and his programme was one of the two involved in the first inter-computer game of Go in 1970.

He was elected President in 2009 and retired in 2016.

29th November 2010, revised April 2013 and August 2016

France Ellul
John Fairbairn
Harry Fearnley
Gerry Gavigan

Working at London Go Centre, organiser of London tournaments, teaching and helping Children's clubs in London, working with others on on trying to unify the London venues (see BGA Council member from 2018.

Slightly more than six years into the game, keen to get to single digit kyu, with a target of shodan.