Qualifiers for the 2001 Candidates' Tournament

People qualified for the Candidates from Go tournaments that took place in 2000. Here are the details. Not all the people who qualified chose to take part.

Alex Selby, T Mark Hall, David Ward, John Rickard and Alistair Wall qualify by playing in the 2000 Challenger's League.

Francis Roads and Bob Bagot qualify by winning 3/4 at the 2000 Candidates' Tournament.

Jim Clare and Seong-June Kim qualify from the 2000 Furze Platt Go Tournament.

Andrew Grant, Ebukuro Tamotsu, Rocky and Ruud Stoelman qualify from the 2000 Oxford Go Tournament

Charles Matthews qualifies from the 2000 Trigantius Go Tournament.

Toby Manning qualifies from the 2000 Coventry Go Tournament.

Alan Thornton, Michael Charles, Simon Goss and Graham Clemow qualify from the 2000 Bournemouth Go Tournament.

Tim Hunt and Alison Bexfield qualify from the 2000 British Open Go Tournament.

Niculae Mandache and Tony Atkins qualify from the 2000 Leicester Go Tournament.

Shutai Zhang qualifies from the main event at the 2000 Mind Sports Olympiad.

Z Zhao, Dan Gilder, David Woodnutt and M Yang qualify from the 2000 Northern Go Tournament.

Tony Putman and Quentin Mills qualify from the 2000 Penzance Go Tournament.

Xiangdong Wang qualifies from the 2000 Milton Keynes Go Tournament.

Simon Shiu qualifies from the 2000 Wessex Go Tournament.

Lutz Mattner qualifies from the 2000 Three Peaks Go Tournament

Alex Rix and Neil Symes qualify from the 2000/2001 London Open Go Tournament.

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