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The BGA is keen to promote Go and so publicises tournaments and other relevant events, in order to raise awareness of them. Such publicising does not imply oversight by the BGA except where expressly stated. The only inference to be drawn is that the BGA Council is confident that, for a rated tournament, the games are refereed to a standard that renders the outcome suitable for inclusion in the EGF database (or similar). The wider organisational issues remain the responsibility of the tournament organiser.

BGA guidance regarding coronavirus

Data Protection Please note that the results of all Tournaments are submitted to the European Go Database as described in our Data Protection Policy. The information sent to the database consists only of your name, club, strength and the results of the individual games.



Durham Online

Saturday 19th -20th June. To be played on OGS. 6-round McMahon tournament. Play in as many or as few rounds as you'd like. Free entry. Evening Zoom party. D Contact More Details/Entry

28th Welsh Open *** postponed to 25th+26th June 2022 ***


UK Go Challenge Finals (Online)

Sunday 4th July. Online on OGS. First round 14:00, end about 17:30. Finals for UK school and junior Go clubs and all other UK juniors. Free entry. Games played on 13x13 boards. Titles in age groups for boys and for girls. Contact Tony Atkins 01189268143 ukgoc at More on UK Go Challenge


Mind Sports Olympiad

Weekends and most evenings from 13th August to 5th September. Online events in 2021. 25th edition. Competition for medals. Free entry. More Info

Youth Training Residential

Monday 16th - Thursday 19th August. Caythorpe Court, near Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 3ER. Go teaching mornings, afternoons outdoor activities, Go tournament evenings. Flyer More Info

Mind Sports Olympiad: Go 19x19

Sunday 22nd August (afternoon and evening from 15:30). Online on OGS in group Mind Sports Olympiad. 4-round McMahon. 30 mins + 10 secs Fischer time (max acrued 30 mins). Play-off if tie for first on 4 wins.

Mind Sports Olympiad: Go 9x9

Wednesday 25th August (evening from 19:30). Online on OGS in group Mind Sports Olympiad. 5-round Swiss. 9x9 games. 15 mins. Play-off if tie for first on 5 wins.

Mind Sports Olympiad: Go 13x13

Friday 27th August (evening from 19:30). Online on OGS in group Mind Sports Olympiad. 5-round Swiss. 13x13 games. 20 mins. Play-off if tie for first on 5 wins.


European Women's Go Championship

Saturday 4th - Monday 6th September 2021. London MindSports Centre, 21-23 Dalling Road, London W6 0JD. More Details here. All entrants must be female and hold a European passport.




London Open








28th Welsh Open

Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th June 2022.

Doki Doki Festival, Manchester

Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th August 2022. Sugden Sports Centre, 114 Grosvenor Street, Manchester M1 7HL (as in 2019). BGA members are as ever manning 4 stalls both days. Free demos of Go will be given to many members of the public. In 2019, of the 4,000 attendees, we demo-ed to 200, or 5%. Festival site. If you could spare time to join the BGA team - on one day or both - please contact Martin Harvey, harveymartin939 AT gmail DOT com

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