Candidates' Tournament Qualifiers: 2004

The following players qualified for the Candidates' Tournament 2004, held in Leamington Spa over the weekend of 20th and 21st March 2004 (those marked with an asterisk actually played in the tournament).

  • Tony Atkins
  • *Bob Bagot
  • Phil Beck
  • Alison Bexfield
  • Des Cann (Already qualified for the Challenger's)
  • *Michael Charles
  • *Paul Christie
  • Jim Clare
  • Matthew Cocke (Already qualified for the Challenger's)
  • Jon Diamond
  • John Fairbairn
  • Harry Fearnley
  • *Dan Gilder
  • Simon Goss
  • *T Mark Hall
  • *John Hobson
  • *Tim Hunt
  • *Andrew Jones
  • Young Kim
  • *David M King
  • H. Li
  • Shen Li
  • Matthew Macfadyen (defending Champion)
  • *Toby Manning
  • Ian Marsh
  • *Gerry Mills
  • Quentin Mills
  • *Alex Rix
  • *Francis Roads
  • *Alex Selby
  • *Piers Shepperson
  • Simon Shiu
  • *Paul Taylor
  • *Alan Thornton
  • *Alistair Wall
  • David Ward (Already qualified for the Challenger's)
  • *Min Yang

Total 37

In addition William Brooks played to ensure an even number of players.

The following players met the qualifying standard from one or more qualifying tournaments, but were believed not to meet the Nationality qualifying rules.

  • Tatsushi Akiya
  • Lei Chen
  • Hiroshi Takemiya
  • Han Zhongwei

Here are the people who qualified from each event:

Li Shen (6/8), Matthew Cocke, Mark Hall, Tim Hunt (5/8),Young Kim, Piers Shepperson, David Ward and Toby Manning (4/8) qualify from the London Open Go Congress.

Francis Roads(5/5), Alan Thornton (4/5), Tim Hunt, Simon Goss and Toby Manning (3/5) qualify from the Three Peaks Go Tournament.

Young Kim (4/4), Alex Rix, Paul Christie, Simon Goss (3/4), Toby Manning and Alastair Wall(2/4) qualify from the Wessex Go Tournament.

The New Malden Go Tournament did not meeet the requirements for a qualifying tournament.

Young Kim, Phil Beck (4/4), Li Shen, Tony Atkins, Tim Hunt (3/4), Mark Hall, Francis Roads and John Fairbairn (2/4) qualify from the Wanstead Go Tournament.

Lei Chen, Toby Manning, Alison Bexfield(3/3), and David Ward(2/3) qualify from the Milton Keynes Go Tournament

There were no qualifiers from the Cornish Go Tournament as the bar was set at below 1 dan.

H. Li (6/6), Lei Chen (5/6), Han Zhongwei, Paul Taylor (4/6), Tim Hunt, Dan Gilder and Simon Goss (3/6) all qualify from the Mind Sports Olympiad (Northern Go Tournament)

Hiroshi Takemiya, Shen Li (3/3), Piers Shepperson, Alex Rix, Tony Atkins and Toby Manning(2/3) qualify from the Epsom Go Congress

Alistair Wall (3/3), Young Kim, Alex Selby and Piers Shepperson (2/3) qualify from the Letchworth Go Tournament .

There were no qualifiers from the Scottish Open as the bar was set at below 1 dan.

Matthew Macfadyen (5/5), Tatsushi Akiya (4/5), Francis Roads and Dan Gilder (3/5) qualify from the 2003 Welsh Open Go Tournament held at Barmouth.

Simon Shiu qualifies with 3/3, and Des Cann, Francis Roads and Alastair Wall qualify with 2/3 from the 2003 Leicester Go Tournament.

Jon Diamond and Harry Fearnley qualify with 3/3, and T Mark Hall and Piers Shepperson qualify with 2/3 from the 2003 Bracknell Go Tournament.

At the 2003 Challengers Go Tournament: Des Cann, Matthew Cocke, and David Ward qualify for the 2004 Challengers tournament by finishing in the top three places; and John Hobson, Andrew Jones, Quentin Mills, Alex Rix and Alistair Wall qualify for the 2004 Candidates tournament.

T Mark Hall qualifies with 6/6; David M King and Quentin Mills qualify with 5/6; Ian Marsh, Gerry Mills and Francis Roads qualify with 4/6; and Bob Bagot, Jim Clare, Michael Charles, Mike Harvey and Tim Hunt qualify with 3/6 from the 2003 British Open Go Tournament.

Quentin Mills qualifies by winning 4/4; and Andrew Jones, Alex Rix, Alistair Wall and David Ward qualify with 3/4 from the 2003 Candidates Go Tournament.

Young Kim and Shen Li qualify by winning 3/3; and Tim Hunt, David Ward and Min Yang qualify with 2/3 at the 2003 Trigantius Go Tournament.

Michael Charles and Shen Li qualify by winning 3/3; and Tim Hunt, Young Kim, David Ward and Min Yang qualify with 2/3 at the 2003 Oxford Go Tournament.

Shen Li qualifies by winning 3/3; and Des Cann, Jim Clare and David Ward qualify with 2/3 at the 2003 Furze-Platt Go Tournament.

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