1978 British Go Congress

British Go Journal No. 41. May 1978. Page 16.

The Owens Park Hall of Residence, a short ride from the centre of Manchester, was the venue for the 11th British Go Congress.

The convenient location, plus the chance to meet friends old and new attracted over 100 players to this six round event, held in a spacious hall from whose stage the organizers, John Pindar and Andy Benyon of the Manchester Club, had a birds eye view of the play.

In the first division of the tournament, Jon Diamond played consistently well, losing only to Andrew Daly 3 dan, to score 5 out of 6.

Away from the boards, Francis Roads, ex-BGA President, provided the highlight. Not content with losing the occasional group of stones, he lost his suitcase. Thinking it had been lifted by a thief, he summoned a friendly policeman. To no avail. It had been purloined by a BGA Committee Member, no less, and passed to another Committee Member. Not a subtle way of boosting the BGAs capital assets, it turned out, just a case of mistaken identity.

A heartfelt plea to players for games for publications in the Journal, (ideal game: mediocre to quite good with exactly 12 instructional mistakes for the annotator to get his teeth into), produced a very modest response. Perhaps the fast time limits discouraged players from recording their games, as well as reducing the chance that players would risk giving their games up to public scrutiny. So thanks to Mark Hall, 2 dan, for his win against Harry Fearnley, 1 dan, and to John Green, 4 kyu, who actually lost his game against R Berry, 4 kyu, but offered it nonetheless.

Finally, the usual, but no less sincerely meant for that, vote of thanks to John and Andy for taking on the responsibility for one of the biggest events in the Go Calendar.


Div. 1 J Diamond, 6d (London Go Centre) 5 wins
Div. 2 F Roads, 2d (Woodford) 4
Div. 3 D Hunter, 1 dan (Reading) 4
Div. 4 F Pratt, 1 kyu (London Go Centre) 4
Div. 5 P Williams, 3 kyu (Hull) 4
Div. 6 J Green, 4 kyu (London Go Centre) 4
Div. 7 P Shiu, 5 kyu (Nottingham) 5
Div. 8 P Davies, 7 kyu (Nottingham) 6
Div. 9 P Froggatt, 11 kyu (Sheffield) 5
Div. 10 R Elphick, 12 kyu (Merseyside) 5
Div. 11 D Sweet, 14 kyu (N. Staffs) 5
Div. 12 T Grossman, 18 kyu (Leeds) 5


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