Yose Corner

British Go Journal No. 61. March 1984. Page 26a.

Matthew Macfadyen

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

Diagram 3

Dia 1 shows one of the most familiar yose sequences of all. Because of its familiarity many players are happy to play it by rote, as shown for example in Dia 2.

But after 8 in Dia 2, white 4 is unnecessary - White can improve on this sequence with 4 in Dia 3 which covers the weakness on the left while preventing black A from being sente.

Diagram 4

Diagram 5

14 at 11.

Watch out though. Dia 4 may look like another example of the same skilful play by White, but actually it ends in disaster when black cunningly jumps to 9 in Dia 5 so as to be able to throw in at 11 and kill all of White's stones. The pattern of 9, 11 and 13 is often the key to deciding correctly whether it is necessary to play at 4 in Dia 1.


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