British Go Journal No. 66. November 1985. Page 5.

Richard Granville

Three more problems from Richard Granville to test your whole board intuition against our panel of dan-players, plus a representative from the kyu-ranks.

Look at the positions below and work out where you would play next. Don't just glance at them over the breakfast table and pick a point that happens to have a spot on it or looks fun.

Instead, analyse what is happening over the whole board, and decide on the most important area. then try to find the best local move. It's an exercise well worth the effort.

As usual, the two readers whose suggestions come closest to those of our panel will receive £5 tokens to be spent at the BGA bookshop.

Send your answers to Richard Granville, [address omitted]. Good luck.

Answers to BGJ 65's competition are on page 24.

Problem 1 White to play.

Problem 2 Black to play.

Problem 3 Black to play.

[Start] The answers to this competition are on page 10 of BGJ 67.

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