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by Date, 1997-8

 Korean Go School Tch19971083
*British Championship (1997)Macfadyen, MatthewGam19971084-
 British Championship 1997 T9719971084-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Matthews, C. (British Ch'ship 1997, Game 1) GEv19971084-
 Matthews, Charles v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1997, Game 1) GEv19971084-
 Matthews, Charles v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1997, Game 2) GEv19971085-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Matthews, C. (British Ch'ship 1997, Game 2) GEv19971085-
**Prizes at Go TournamentsManning, TobyTAw19971087
**Tournaments, Prizes at Go -Manning, TobyTAw19971087
**Ingenious Puzzles & Connecting StonesMacfadyen, MatthewLit19971088
**Connecting Stones & Ingenious PuzzlesMacfadyen, MatthewLit19971088
 Life and Death Puzzles, Ingenious -Yang YilunLit19971088
 Art of Connecting Stones, The -Wu Piao et alLit19971088
 Connecting Stones, The Art of -Wu Piao et alLit19971088
 Get Strong at InvadingBozulich, RichardLit19971088
 Invading, Get Strong at -Bozulich, RichardLit19971088
*GoGapWedd, NickCNp19971088-
*Years AgoAtkins, TonyCou19971089
 Staufen (EGoC 1967) T6719971089
 European Go Congress 1967 T6719971089
 British Go History Cou19971089
 History, British Go - Cou19971089
 Japanese Go History Cou19971089
 History, Japanese Go - Cou19971089
 Rijswijk (EGoC 1977) T7719971089
 European Go Congress 1977 T7719971089
 Grenoble (EGoC 1987) T8719971089
 European Go Congress 1987 T8719971089
*Proverbs, Go -. Part 8Roads, FrancisTec199710810-
 Bamboo Joint Tec199710810-
 Bulge Tec199710811
 Connection Tec199710811
 Shape in the Endgame Yos199710811
 Endgame, Shape in the - Yos199710811
 Double Hane Tec199710812
 Hane, Double - Tec199710812
 Cut on the Second Line Tec199710812
 Second Line, Cut on the - Tec199710812
 Sacrifice Tec199710813
 Connection Tec199710813
*How I Started ...Finking, RobertTch199710813
**Smallest Tournament, The -?Bailey, SteveT97199710813
**Tournament, The Smallest -?Bailey, SteveT97199710813
 Cropredy Tournament 1997 T97199710813
*Middle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part6 Cho ChikunMid199710814-
 Promotions Rat199710816
*Ko Fights, Attitude to -Wedd, NickPsy199710816
*Beginner, For the -. Part 2Finking, RobertTec199710816-
 Connection Tec199710816-
 Bamboo Joint Tec199710816
*Kyu Games CommentedHall, T. MarkGam199710818-
 Barnard, Paul v. Scarff, Christian GEv199710818-
 Scarff, Christian v. Barnard, Paul GEv199710818-
**Master of French Go, The -Timmins, BrianPAm199710822
**French Go, The Master of -Timmins, BrianPAm199710822
 Lim PAm199710822
 Marseille (EGoC 1997) T97199710822
 European Go Congress 1997 T97199710822
*Wanstead WanderingsRoads, FrancisCou199710823-
 Finland Cou199710823-
 Helsinki Cit199710823-
 European Grand Prix 1996/97 T97199710823
 Helsinki Tournament 1997 T97199710823
 Tampere Cit199710824
*I.O.M. 1997, Late News: -Roads, FrancisT97199710824
 Isle of Man Go Congress 1997 T97199710824
*Attach-Extend Mysteries. Part 1Matthews, CharlesJos199710825-
 Hoshi Joseki Jos199710825-
  Joseki, Hoshi - Jos199710825-
 Tsuke-nobi Joseki Jos199710825-
  Joseki, Tsuke-nobi - Jos199710825-
*Pair GoMacfadyen, MatthewT97199710827
 European Pair Go Championship 1997 T97199710827
 Pair Go Championship 1997, European - T97199710827
*Liberties, Counting -: Applications. Part 1Hunter, RichardAnl199710830-
 Throw-in Tec199710830-
*Contact Information BGA199710833
*Diamond, The -. Part 4Wolf, ThomasL+D199710834-
 BGA Books Ltd Cpy199710836
 Books Ltd, BGA - Cpy199710836
 Tournament Prizegiving TAw199710836
 Prizegiving, Tournament - TAw199710836
 Get Strong at the EndgameBozulich, RichardLit199710836
 Endgame, Get Strong at the -Bozulich, RichardLit199710836
*Ing, Mr - (obit)Hsiang, ThomasPAm199710837
**Francis in Australasia. Part 3Roads, FrancisCou199710838-
**Australasia, Francis in -. Part 3Roads, FrancisCou199710838-
 Canberra Cit199710838
 Leura Cit199710838
 Sydney Cit199710838-
 Tuncurry Cit199710840
*Database, A Go -Walters, WayneCNp199710841
*BGC (1997), Two Games from the -Cann, DesmondGam199710842-
 Egham (British Go Congress 1997) T97199710842-
 British Go Congress 1997 T97199710842-
 Chin, Jonathan v. Thornton, Alan (British Go Congress 1997) GEv199710842-
 Thornton, Alan v. Chin, Jonathan (British Go Congress 1997) GEv199710842-
 Harvey, Mike v. Chin, Jonathan (British Go Congress 1997) GEv199710843-
 Chin, Jonathan v. Harvey, Mike (British Go Congress 1997) GEv199710843-
**European Go Congress (1997) at MarseilleRoads, FrancisT97199710845-
**Marseille, European Go Congress (1997) at -Roads, FrancisT97199710845-
 Marseille (EGoC 1997) T97199710845-
 European Go Congress 1997 T97199710845-
 Roads, Francis PAm199710846-
*Seong-June, So Long, -! Part 1Matthews, CharlesPAm199710848-
 Kim Seong-June PAm199710848-
 Matthews, Charles v. Kim Seong-June GEv199710848-
 Kim Seong-June v. Matthews, Charles GEv199710848-
 Hoshi Joseki Jos199710848-
  Joseki, Hoshi - Jos199710848-
 Bracknell Tournament 1997 T97199710851
 Glasgow (Scottish Open 1997) T97199710851
 Scottish Open 1997 T97199710851
 Challengers Tournament 1997 T97199710851
 British Championship 1997 T97199710851-
 Leicester Tournament 1997 T97199710852
 Barmouth (Welsh Open 1997) T97199710852
 Welsh Open 1997 T97199710852
 Devon Tournament 1997 T97199710852
 Sapporo (World Amateur Championship 1997) T97199710852-
 World Amateur Championship 1997 T97199710852-
 European Grand Prix 1996/97 T97199710853
 Vienna Tournament 1997 T97199710853
 Budapest Tournament 1997 T97199710853
 Amsterdam Tournament 1997 T97199710853
 Hamburg Monkey Jump 1997 T97199710853
 Warsaw Tournament 1997 T97199710853
 Helsinki Tournament 1997 T97199710853
 Petrosavodsk Tournament 1997 T97199710853
 Marseille (EGoC 1997) T97199710853
 European Go Congress 1997 T97199710853
 European Pair Go Championship 1997 T97199710853
 Pair Go Championship 1997, European - T97199710853
 E-mail Go Var19971094
*British Championship 1997Macfadyen, MatthewGam19971095
 British Championship 1997 T9719971095
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Matthews, C. (British Ch'ship 1997, Game 3) GEv19971095
 Matthews, Charles v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1997, Game 3) GEv19971095
*Mind Sports Olympiad (1997)Grant, AndrewT9719971096-
 London (Mind Sports Olympiad 1997) T9719971096-
*Go-Mann-GoMarshall, PhilipT9719971099
 British Youth Championship 1997 T9719971099
*Middle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part7 Cho ChikunMid199710910-
*Reviews CPl199710913-
*Many Faces of Go, The -Wedd, NickCPl199710913-
*How I Started ...Robinson, DaffydTch199710914
*Servers, Go -Matthews, CharlesCNw199710914
 BT Wireplay CNw199710914
 AGA-BGA Membership BGA199710914
 BGA-AGA Membership BGA199710914
 Membership, AGA-BGA - BGA199710914
 Membership, BGA-AGA - BGA199710914
*Proverbs, Go -. Part 9Roads, FrancisL+D199710915-
 Hane Tec199710915
 1-2 Point L+D199710915
 Third Line Corner L+D199710915-
 Corner, Third Line - L+D199710915-
 J-Group L+D199710916
 L-Group L+D199710916
 Long L-Group L+D199710916
 L-Group, Long - L+D199710916
 Tripod Group L+D199710916
 Symmetry Tec199710917
 Three in a Row Tec199710917
 Ishi-no-shita Tec199710917
*Kyu Games CommentedHall, T. MarkGam199710918-
 Wessex Tournament 1995 T95199710918-
 Barnard, Paul v. Crow, John (Wessex Tournament 1995) GEv199710918-
 Crow, John v. Barnard, Paul (Wessex Tournament 1995) GEv199710918-
*Darmstadt (Tournament 1997)Roger, KevinT97199710921-
 Roger, Kevin v. Nohr, Thomas (Darmstadt Tournament 1997) GEv199710921-
 Nohr, Thomas v. Roger, Kevin (Darmstadt Tournament 1997) GEv199710921-
*Smiths, Interview with the -Matthews, CharlesT97199710922-
 London (Mind Sports Olympiad 1997) T97199710922-
 Mind Sports Olympiad 1997 T97199710922-
 Smith, Paul PAm199710922-
 Smith, Andrea PAm199710922-
*Isle of Man (Go Congress) 1997Roads, FrancisT97199710924-
*Kanji Lan199710925-
*Attach-Extend Mysteries. Part 2Matthews, CharlesJos199710928-
 Hoshi Joseki Jos199710928-
  Joseki, Hoshi - Jos199710928-
 Tsuke-nobi Joseki Jos199710928-
  Joseki, Tsuke-nobi - Jos199710928-
 Komoku Joseki Jos199710928
  Joseki, Komoku - Jos199710928
 Candidates Tournament TSy199710930
 Challengers Tournament TSy199710930
 Database, Go - CNp199710930
 Many Faces of GoFotland, DaveCPl199710930
 Go InfoTelitsin, AlexCNp199710930
 World Wide Web CNw199710930
 Korea National Tourism Organization Prm199710930
 Tourism Organization, Korea National - Prm199710930
**Wessex WeddingTimmins, BrianPAm199710931
**Wedding, Wessex -Timmins, BrianPAm199710931
 Sharpe, Ian PAm199710931
 Harry, Anne PAm199710931
*Liberties, Counting -: Applications. Part 2Hunter, RichardAnl199710932-
 Eye-Making Anl199710932-
*Stand, Taking a -Matthews, CharlesPub199710936
 London (Mind Sports Olympiad 1997) T97199710936
 Mind Sports Olympiad 1997 T97199710936
*Beginner, For the -. Part 3Finking, RobertTec199710937
 Connection Tec199710937
*Marseille (EGoC 1997), Two Games from -Hall, T. MarkGam199710938-
 Hall, T. Mark v. Lugol, Xavier (EGoC 1997) GEv199710938-
 Lugol, Xavier v. Hall, T. Mark (EGoC 1997) GEv199710938-
 Hall, T. Mark v. Cann, Desmond (EGoC 1997) GEv199710939-
 Cann, Desmond v. Hall, T. Mark (EGoC 1997) GEv199710939-
*Dan List Ply199710940
**Francis in AustralasiaRoads, FrancisCou199710941-
**Australasia, Francis in -Roads, FrancisCou199710941-
 New Zealand Cou199710941-
 Auckland Cit199710941-
*Championships Systems, New -Matthews, CharlesTSy199710942
 Candidates Tournament TSy199710942
 Challengers Tournament TSy199710942
*Six Stone GameMatthews, CharlesGam199710943-
 Hassabis, Demis v. Matthews, Charles (1996) GH6199710943-
 Matthews, Charles v. Hassabis, Demis (1996) GH6199710943-
*Scottish Gathering 1997Macleod, DonaldT97199710944
*Sonoyama (League 1997)Matthews, CharlesT97199710944
*Subscriptions BGA199710944
 BGA Membership BGA199710944
 Membership, BGA - BGA199710944
*Seong-June, So Long, -! Part 2Matthews, CharlesFus199710945-
 Barthropp, Stuart v. Matthews, Charles GEv199710945-
 Matthews, Charles v. Barthropp, Stuart GEv199710945-
 Hoshi Joseki Jos199710945-
  Joseki, Hoshi - Jos199710945-
 Isle of Man Go Congress 1997 T97199710947-
 London (Mind Sports Olympiad 1997) T97199710948
 Mind Sports Olympiad 1997 T97199710948
 Manchester (Northern Go Congress 1997) T97199710948
 Northern Go Congress 1997 T97199710948
 Milton Keynes Tournament 1997 T97199710948-
 British Championship 1997 T97199710948
 Shrewsbury Tournament 1997 T97199710949
 London (International Team Tournament 1997) T97199710949
 International Team Tournament 1997 T97199710949
 Wessex Tournament 1997 T97199710949
 Lancaster/PA (US Go Congress 1997) T97199710949
 US Go Congress 1997 T97199710949
 Amsterdam (Obayashi Cup 1997) T97199710949
 Obayashi Cup 1997 T97199710949
*Attach-Extend Mysteries. Part 3Matthews, CharlesJos19981104-
 Hoshi Joseki Jos19981104-
  Joseki, Hoshi - Jos19981104-
 Tsuke-nobi Joseki Jos19981104-
  Joseki, Tsuke-nobi - Jos19981104-
*Internet, How to Play Go on the -Hall, T. MarkCNw19981106-
*Middle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part8 Cho ChikunMid19981108-
**Analyzing Ko Struggles TheoreticallyTavernier, KarelAnl199811012-
**Ko Struggles, Analyzing - TheoreticallyTavernier, KarelAnl199811012-
*Summer SchoolsMatthews, CharlesTch199811015
*Proverbs, Go -. Part 10Roads, FrancisTec199811016-
 Shicho Tec199811016-
 Geta Tec199811017
 3-3 Point Jos199811017
 Keshi Str199811017-
 Invasion Str199811017-
 Territory Str199811018-
 Contact Move Str199811019
 Open Skirt Str199811019
 Weak Group Str199811019-
 Fancy Moves Tec199811020
*Haiku, Go -Lipton, AndrewHum199811020
 BGA Grading Rat199811021
 Grading, BGA - Rat199811021
*Reviews Lit199811021
**Rescue and CaptureMacfadyen, MatthewLit199811021
**Capture, Rescue and -Macfadyen, MatthewLit199811021
**Liberties, Counting - in The Second Book of GoHunter, RichardLit199811021
**Second Book of Go, Counting Liberties in The -Hunter, RichardLit199811021
 Second Book of Go, The -Bozulich, RichardLit199811021
*Kyu Games CommentedHall, T. MarkGam199811022-
 Swindon Tournament 1997 T97199811022-
 King, David v. Bailey, Steve (Swindon Tournament 1997) GEv199811022-
 Bailey, Steve v. King, David (Swindon Tournament 1997) GEv199811022-
*Korean PackageMatthews, CharlesCou199811023
*PublicityMatthews, CharlesPub199811024
*Years AgoAtkins, TonyCou199811025
 British Go History Cou199811025
 History, British Go - Cou199811025
 Japanese Go History Cou199811025
 History, Japanese Go - Cou199811025
**Francis in AustralasiaRoads, FrancisCou199811025-
**Australasia, Francis in -Roads, FrancisCou199811025-
 New Zealand Cou199811025-
 Rotorua Cit199811025-
 Wellington Cit199811026-
*Liberties, Counting -: Applications. Part 3Hunter, RichardAnl199811030-
 Big Eye Against Smaller Eye Anl199811030-
 Eye, Big - Against Smaller Eye Anl199811030-
 Smaller Eye Against Big Eye Anl199811030-
**Deficits in American Grade School Children, Cognitive, ... -Bradley, Milton N.Tch199811037-
**American Grade School Children, Cognitive, ... Deficits in -Bradley, Milton N.Tch199811037-
**School Children, Cognitive, Reasoning and Learning Deficits in ... -Bradley, Milton N.Tch199811037-
**Children, Cognitive, Reasoning and Learning Deficits in ... School -Bradley, Milton N.Tch199811037-
 Teaching Children Tch199811037-
 Children, Teaching - Tch199811037-
*Seong-June, So Long, -! Part 3Matthews, CharlesFus199811042-
*Beginners, For - Solutions. Part 3 Tec199811045-
 Connection Tec199811045-
**Keima Kakari, Why the -?Roads, FrancisJos199811049-
**Kakari, Why the Keima -?Roads, FrancisJos199811049-
 Hoshi Joseki Jos199811049-
  Joseki, Hoshi - Jos199811049-
 Three Peaks Tournament 1997 T97199811050
 Swindon Tournament 1997 T97199811050-
 British Small Board Championship 1997 T97199811051
 West Surrey Teach-in 1997 Tch199811051
 Anglo-Japanese Match 1997 T97199811051
 Japanese-Anglo Match 1997 T97199811051
 London Open 1997/98 T98199811051-
 Furze Platt Tournament 1998 T98199811052-
 British Youth Championship 1998 T98199811053
 Brussels Tournament 1997 T97199811053
 European Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1997 T97199811053
 Fujitsu Qualifying Tournament 1997, European - T97199811053
*Tournament LeviesHall, T. MarkBGA19981113
**Cannes: The Games Festival (1998)Blockley, EdwardT9819981114-
**Games Festival, Cannes: The - (1998)Blockley, EdwardT9819981114-
 Cannes (European Youth Tournament 1998) T9819981114-
 European Youth Tournament 1998 T9819981114-
 Blockley, Tom v. Demyanov, Pavel (European Youth Tourn. 1998) GEv19981115-
 Demyanov, Pavel v. Blockley, Tom (European Youth Tourn. 1998) GEv19981115-
**BGA Discussion ForumWedd, NickCNw19981116
**Discussion Forum, BGA -Wedd, NickCNw19981116
 Internet CNw19981116
*Ladder-breakersWedd, NickTec19981117-
**Web PublicityMatthews, CharlesPub19981117
**Publicity, Web -Matthews, CharlesPub19981117
*Members, Calling All -Timmins, KathleenBGA19981117
*Middle Game, Charting a Course in the -. Part9 Cho ChikunMid19981118-
*Reviews Lit199811111
*Second Book of Go, The -Macfadyen, MatthewLit199811111
*Beauty and the BeastMatthews, CharlesLit199811111
*Kido Yearbook 1997Matthews, CharlesLit199811111
*Niren-sei. Part 1Matthews, CharlesFus199811112-
 Internet Go Server CNw199811115
 Challengers League TCd199811115
 Teaching Children Tch199811115-
 Children, Teaching - Tch199811115-
 International Grading Rat199811116
 Grading, International - Rat199811116
 Marseille (EGoC 1997) T97199811116
 European Go Congress 1997 T97199811116
*Kyu Games CommentedHall, T. MarkGam199811118-
 London Open 1995/96 T??199811118-
 Slabjenikov, Vladimir v. Barnard, Paul (London Open 1995/96) GEv199811118-
 Barnard, Paul v. Slabjenikov, Vladimir (London Open 1995/96) GEv199811118-
*Environmental ExhibitionMatthews, CharlesVar199811120-
 Token Go Var199811120-
 Jiang Zhu-jiu v. Rui Naiwei GVr199811120-
 Rui Naiwei v. Jiang Zhu-jiu GVr199811120-
*Serving GoMatthews, CharlesCNw199811125
*Ladies' Go and Social Weekend (1998)Macfadyen, MatthewTch199811125
*Liberties, Counting -: Applications. Part 4Hunter, RichardAnl199811126-
**Francis in AustralasiaRoads, FrancisCou199811131-
**Australasia, Francis in -Roads, FrancisCou199811131-
 New Zealand Cou199811131-
 Christchurch Cit199811131-
 South Island Cou199811132
*Beginner, For the -. Part 4Finking, RobertTec199811133-
 Open Connection Tec199811133-
 Connection, Open - Tec199811133-
 Cutting Tec199811133-
 Snapback Tec199811134-
*Kyu Games Wanted Gam199811135
*Ladies' Working Weekend BGA199811135
 Oxford Tournament 1998 T98199811137
 Cambridge Tournament 1998 T98199811137
 Candidates Tournament 1998 T98199811137-
 European Grand Prix 1997/98 T98199811138
 Dublin (Irish Open 1998) T98199811138
 Irish Open 1998 T98199811138
 Shigeno Yuki PPr199811138
 Bournemouth Tournament 1998 T98199811138
 Okada Shinichiro PPr199811139
 Okada Yumiko PPr199811139
 London (International Team Tournament 1998) T98199811139
 International Team Tournament 1998 T98199811139
 Tony's Team Tournament 1998 T98199811139
 Chester (British Go Congress 1998) T98199811139-
 British Go Congress 1998 T98199811139-
 British Lightning Championship 1998 T98199811139-
 British Women's WAC Qualification 1998 T98199811140
 BGA AGM 1998 BGA199811140
 AGM 1998, BGA - BGA199811140
 Stacey Trophy 1997/98 TAw199811140-
 Challengers Tournament 1998 T98199811141
 International Amateur Pair Go Championship 1997 T97199811141
 Pair Go Championship 1997, International Amateur - T97199811141
 European Grand Prix 1997/98 T98199811141
 Paris Tournament 1998 T98199811141
 Barcelona Tournament 1998 T98199811141
 Cannes (Ing Chang-Ki Memorial Cup 1998) T98199811141
 Ing Chang-Ki Memorial Cup 1998 T98199811141
 Cannes (European Youth Tournament 1998) T98199811141
 European Youth Tournament 1998 T98199811141

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