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by Date, 1989-91

**Barnes, Susan - TrustRoads, FrancisPrm1989773
**Trust, Susan Barnes -Roads, FrancisPrm1989773
*Meijin WeekManning, TobyT891989775-
 Meijin Title 1989 T891989775-
 London (Asahi Shimbun Tournament 1989) T891989776-
 Asahi Shimbun Tournament 1989 T891989776-
*Meijin Title (1989) Game 1Macfadyen, MatthewGam1989777-
 Kobayashi Koichi v. Awaji Shuzo (Meijin Title 1989, Game 1) GEv1989777-
 Awaji Shuzo v. Kobayashi Koichi (Meijin Title 1989, Game 1) GEv1989777-
*Future, Bright -Roads, FrancisT8919897713-
 British Championship 1989 T8919897713
 London (Asahi Shimbun Tournament 1989) T8919897714
 Asahi Shimbun Tournament 1989 T8919897714
*OvertimeAtkins, TonyTCd19897714
 Public Domain Software Com19897714
*British Championship (1989)Macfadyen, M. et alGam19897715-
 British Championship 1989 T8919897715-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Shaw, E. (British Ch'ship 1989, Game 1) GEv19897715-
 Shaw, Edmund v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1989, Game 1) GEv19897715-
 Shaw, Edmund v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1989, Game 2) GEv19897716-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Shaw, E. (British Ch'ship 1989, Game 2) GEv19897716-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Shaw, E. (British Ch'ship 1989, Game 3) GEv19897717-
 Shaw, Edmund v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1989, Game 3) GEv19897717-
 Shaw, Edmund v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1989, Game 4) GEv19897720
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Shaw, E. (British Ch'ship 1989, Game 4) GEv19897720
*Empire Strikes Back, The -Atkins, TonyT8919897721-
 New Brunswick/NJ (US Go Congress 1989) T8919897721-
 US Go Congress 1989 T8919897721-
*Natural Way, This is Go the -! Part 4Takemiya MasakiFus19897725-
 Pro Best Ten Tournament 1969 T6919897725-
 Takemiya Masaki v. Hashimoto Shoji (Pro Best Ten Tourn. 1969) GEv19897725-
 Hashimoto Shoji v. Takemiya Masaki (Pro Best Ten Tourn. 1969) GEv19897725-
*Ireland, Go in -Roads, FrancisCou19897728-
 Irish Games Convention 1989 Pub19897729
**Macleod v. HunterGrant, AndrewGam19897730-
**Hunter v. MacleodGrant, AndrewGam19897730-
 Macleod, Donald v. Hunter, Kevin GEv19897730-
 Hunter, Kevin v. Macleod, Donald GEv19897730-
*Endgame SolutionHall, T. MarkYos19897731
*Draughts: An Alternative ViewBailey, SteveTch19897732
 Beginners Introduction Tch19897732-
*No Not LookingGrant, AndrewTch19897732-
*Discrimination, No -Williams, ColinPly19897733
 Junior Players Ply19897733
 Farnham (RTP Handicap Tournament 1987) T8719897733
 RTP Handicap Tournament 1987 T8719897733
**Altena v. WrightWright, Chris et alGam19897734-
**Wright v. AltenaWright, Chris et alGam19897734-
 Nis (EGoC 1989) T8919897734-
 European Go Congress 1989 T8919897734-
 Altena, Karel v. Wright, Chris (EGoC 1989) GEv19897734-
 Wright, Chris v. Altena, Karel (EGoC 1989) GEv19897734-
*Nis (EGoC 1989): The Full StoryHall, T. MarkT8919897736-
 European Go Congress 1989 T8919897736-
*Asahi Tournament (1989) Round 4Hall, T. MarkGam19897738-
 London (Asahi Shimbun Tournament 1989) T8919897738-
 Shepperson, Piers v. Hall, T. Mark (Asahi Shimbun Tourn. 1989) GEv19897738-
 Hall, T. Mark v. Shepperson, Piers (Asahi Shimbun Tourn. 1989) GEv19897738-
*Crossword. Part 4Williams, DerekHum19897740
*Ladies' Tournament (1989)Rix, AlexT8919897741
 British Women's Championship 1989 T8919897741
 World Women's Amateur Championship 1989 T8919897741
 British Youth Championship 1989 T8919897741
 European Grand Prix 1988/89 T8919897741-
 London (Asahi Shimbun Tournament 1989) T8919897742
 Asahi Shimbun Tournament 1989 T8919897742
 Manchester (Northern Go Congress 1989) T8919897742
 Northern Go Congress 1989 T8919897742
 Shrewsbury Tournament 1989 T8919897742
 Milton Keynes Tournament 1989 T8919897742
 Wessex Tournament 1989 T8919897742
 Promotions Rat19897742
*Tournament Levy, The -Hall, T. MarkBGA1990783
**Sponsorship of the European Go Congress 1992 Prm1990785
**European Go Congress 1992, Sponsorship of the - Prm1990785
 Canterbury (EGoC 1992) T921990785
 European Go Congress 1992 T921990785
*Natural Way, This is Go the -! Part 5Takemiya MasakiFus1990786-
 Sanren-sei Fus1990786-
 Pro Best Ten Tournament 1974 T741990787-
 Takemiya Masaki v. Ishida Yoshio (Pro Best Ten Tournament 1974) GEv1990787-
 Ishida Yoshio v. Takemiya Masaki (Pro Best Ten Tournament 1974) GEv1990787-
**Anglo-Japanese Friendship Tournament (1989)Barthropp, StuartT8919907812
**Japanese-Anglo Friendship Tournament (1989)Barthropp, StuartT8919907812
*Teaching Problem, Solution to -Roads, FrancisTch19907813-
 Beginners Introduction Tch19907813-
*Past Masters. Part 2 Hum19907815
*Kyu Games, Two Single- -Holroyd, FredGam19907818-
 Holroyd, Fred v. Grant, Andrew GH319907818-
 Grant, Andrew v. Holroyd, Fred GH319907818-
 Holroyd, Fred v. Woodnutt, David GH219907819-
 Woodnutt, David v. Holroyd, Fred GH219907819-
*Book ReviewBagot, BobLit19907821
 Chinese Opening, The -Kato MasaoLit19907821
 Ranka YearbookOeda YusukeLit19907821
*Crossword. Part 5Williams, DerekHum19907822
*Kosumi ProblemsHall, T. MarkTec19907823
 Beginners Introduction Tch19907824
*Don't Play GoRoads, FrancisTec19907824
*Starting ColoursHall, T. MarkFus19907825-
 Hall, T. Mark v. A.N.Other GEv19907825-
 Hall, T. Mark v. A.N.Other GEv19907826-
 London Open 1989/90 T9019907827-
 Smith, John v. Hall, T. Mark (London Open 1989/90) GEv19907827-
 Hall, T. Mark v. Smith, John (London Open 1989/90) GEv19907827-
*Foot VotingRoads, FrancisT9019907829
 Wanstead Tournament 1990 T9019907829
 Promotions Rat19907829
 British Schools Team Championship 1989 T8919907829
 Brakenhale Go Party 1989 T8919907829
 West Surrey Teach-in 1989 Tch19907829
 European Grand Prix 1989/90 T9019907830
 Gothenburg Tournament 1989 T8919907830
 Belgrade Tournament 1989 T8919907830
 Geneva Tournament 1989 T8919907830
 London Open 1989/90 T9019907830
 USSR Cou19907830
 Essen (German Open 1990) T9019907830
 German Open 1990 T9019907830
*Summer Congress (Isle of Man 1991)Phillips, David et alT911990794-
 Isle of Man Go Congress 1991 T911990794-
*Handicap System (13x13)Lynn, MikeHcp1990795
 13x13 Handicap System Hcp1990795
*Fujitsu Cup (World Championship 1990), The -Macfadyen, MatthewT901990796-
 World Championship (Fujitsu Cup 1990) T901990796-
 Otake Hideo v. Macfadyen, Matthew (Fujitsu Cup 1990) GEv1990796-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Otake Hideo (Fujitsu Cup 1990) GEv1990796-
 Otake Hideo v. Cho Hun-hyun (Fujitsu Cup 1990) GEv1990798
 Cho Hun-hyun v. Otake Hideo (Fujitsu Cup 1990) GEv1990798
*Starting Colours, More on -Rix, AlexJos1990799
*Masters of Go, The -Tobin, NormanHum19907910-
*Past Masters. Part 3Hampton, JoHum19907913
*Club Game, A -Holroyd, FredGam19907914-
 Hazelden, Paul v. Bailey, Steve GH219907914-
 Bailey, Steve v. Hazelden, Paul GH219907914-
*Origins of Go, The -Ch'ananda, ShriCou19907918-
 Chinese Go History Cou19907918-
 History, Chinese Go - Cou19907918-
*Don't Play Go SolutionsRoads, FrancisTec19907919
*Kosumi SolutionsHall, T. MarkTec19907920
*Cosmic Style, An Early Launch for the -Barker, TerryGam19907921-
 Pro Best Ten Tournament 1969 T6919907921-
 Takemiya Masaki v. Hashimoto Shoji (Pro Best Ten Tourn. 1969) GEv19907921-
 Hashimoto Shoji v. Takemiya Masaki (Pro Best Ten Tourn. 1969) GEv19907921-
*BadukFinch, AndyCou19907922-
 Korea Cou19907922-
 Ing Cup (World Championship 1988/89) T8919907923
 World Championship (Ing Cup 1988/89) T8919907923
 Cho Hun-hyun v. Nie Wei-ping (Ing Cup Final 1988/89) GEv19907923
 Nie Wei-ping v. Cho Hun-hyun (Ing Cup Final 1988/89) GEv19907923
*Kyu Player's CornerTerry, BobGam19907924-
 A.N.Other v. A.N.Other GEv19907924-
*Ireland, News from -Mitchell, Noel et alCou19907928
*Three GenerationsBailey, StevePly19907929
*Rusty GoBarker, TerryGam19907930-
 Sharpe, Ian v. Pearcey, Richard GEv19907930-
 Pearcey, Richard v. Sharpe, Ian GEv19907930-
*Roving GoHall, T. MarkClb19907932-
 Canada Cou19907932-
 Ottawa Club Clb19907932
 Edmonton Club Clb19907932-
 Vancouver/BC Club Clb19907933
 San Francisco Club Clb19907933
*Crossword. Part 6Williams, DerekHum19907934
 Promotions Rat19907935
 Oxford Tournament 1990 T9019907935
 Cambridge Tournament 1990 T9019907935-
 Coventry Tournament 1990 T9019907936
 European Grand Prix 1989/90 T9019907936-
 Prague Tournament 1990 T9019907936
 Vienna Tournament 1990 T9019907936
 Paris Tournament 1990 T9019907937
 Reading Club Clb19907937
 Salford (British Go Congress 1990) T9019907937-
 British Go Congress 1990 T9019907937-
 Stacey, Terry - Memorial Trophy TAw19907939
*Go SchoolsMacfadyen, MatthewTch1990804
 Leamington Spa Teach-in 1990 Tch1990804
 British Women's Championship 1990 T901990804
*European Championship (1990) T901990805-
 Vienna (EGoC 1990) T901990805-
 European Go Congress 1990 T901990805-
 Zeijst van, Rob v. Bogdanov, Victor (EGoC 1990) GEv1990805-
 Bogdanov, Victor v. Zeijst van, Rob (EGoC 1990) GEv1990805-
*Room with a View, A -Atkins, TonyT901990807-
*Influences, Conflicting -Hall, T. MarkGam19908010-
 Hall, T. Mark v. Bergmann, M. (EGoC 1990) GEv19908010-
 Bergmann, M. v. Hall, T. Mark (EGoC 1990) GEv19908010-
 World Amateur Championship 1990 T9019908011
*Random GoMacfadyen, MatthewTCd19908012-
 Ing Timer Equ19908012
*Candidates (Tournament 1990) GameHall, T. MarkGam19908013-
 Candidates Tournament 1990 T9019908013-
 Cann, Desmond v. Hall, T. Mark (Candidates Tournament 1990) GEv19908013-
 Hall, T. Mark v. Cann, Desmond (Candidates Tournament 1990) GEv19908013-
**History of the BGARoads, FrancisAss19908016-
**BGA, History of the -Roads, FrancisAss19908016-
*Dan List Ply19908018
*Natural Way, This is Go the -! Part 6Takemiya MasakiTec19908019
*Baduk. Part 2Finch, AndyCou19908022-
 Korea Cou19908022-
 Cho Hun-hyun v. Lee Chang-ho GEv19908022
 Lee Chang-ho v. Cho Hun-hyun GEv19908022
*Past Masters. Part 4Pitcher, HughHum19908023
*Whisper Protect?Chandler, BrianLan19908023-
 Chinese Lan19908023-
 Korean Lan19908023-
 Japanese Lan19908023
*MoonshineChandler, Brian 19908025
*Crossword. Part 7Williams, DerekHum19908026
*What am I Missing?Hall, T. MarkTec19908027
 Kato's Attack And KillKato MasaoLit19908027
 Attack And Kill, Kato's -Kato MasaoLit19908027
 Kill, Kato's Attack And -Kato MasaoLit19908027
*Missed OpportunitiesFinch, AndyGam19908028-
 Finch, Andy v. Go Hong Sok GEv19908028-
 Go Hong Sok v. Finch, Andy GEv19908028-
*Go ShieldPhillips, DavidT9019908031-
 Club Match 1990 (Isle of Man v. Dublin) T9019908031
 Isle of Man Club v. Dublin Club (Club Match 1990) T9019908031
 Dublin Club v. Isle of Man Club (Club Match 1990) T9019908031
 North West Competition 1991 T9119908031-
*Go VikingsAustin, LeoClb19908032
 Isle of Man Club Clb19908032
*NHK Cup (1990) GameChandler, BrianGam19908033-
 NHK Cup 1990 T9019908033-
 Obuchi Morito v. Chin Ka-ei (NHK Cup 1990) GEv19908033-
 Chin Ka-ei v. Obuchi Morito (NHK Cup 1990) GEv19908033-
 Bracknell Tournament 1990 T9019908036
 Candidates Tournament 1990 T9019908036
 Challengers League 1990 T9019908036
 Challengers League TSy19908036-
 Leicester Tournament 1990 T9019908037
 Dublin Club Clb19908037
 British Youth Championship 1990 T9019908037
 Brakenhale School Tournament 1990 T9019908037-
 European Grand Prix 1989/90 T9019908038
 Budapest Tournament 1990 T9019908038
 Amsterdam Tournament 1990 T9019908038
 Helsinki Tournament 1990 T9019908038
 Warsaw Tournament 1990 T9019908038
 Greenbury, Dr. - (obit) PAm19908038
*Eyes and ThingsChandler, BrianL+D19908038
*Go SchoolsJones, AlisonTch1990814
 Leamington Spa Teach-in 1990 Tch1990814
*Wessex Tournament (1990) is Twenty-OneAtwell, Simon et alT901990815-
 Bristol Club Clb1990815-
*British Championship 1990Macfadyen, MatthewT901990818-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Rickard, J. (British Ch'ship 1990, Game 1) GEv1990818-
 Rickard, John v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1990, Game 1) GEv1990818-
 Rickard, John v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1990, Game 2) GEv1990819-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Rickard, J. (British Ch'ship 1990, Game 2) GEv1990819-
*Past Masters. Part 5Finch, AndyHum19908110
*CosmosWedd, NickCom19908111-
 Cosmos v. Wedd, Nick G 919908112-
 Wedd, Nick v. Cosmos G 919908112-
**Anglo-Japanese Match (1990)Jones, AlisonT9019908114-
**Japanese-Anglo Match (1990)Jones, AlisonT9019908114-
 Shaw, Edmund v. Yasaki Y. (Anglo-Japanese Match 1990) GEv19908114-
 Yasaki Y. v. Shaw, Edmund (Anglo-Japanese Match 1990) GEv19908114-
 Noda T. v. Rickard, J. (Anglo-Japanese Match 1990) GEv19908116-
 Rickard, John v. Noda T. (Anglo-Japanese Match 1990) GEv19908116-
 Kono M. v. Macfadyen, M. (Anglo-Japanese Match 1990) GEv19908117-
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Kono M. (Anglo-Japanese Match 1990) GEv19908117-
*Linz (European Team Tournament 1990)Soletti, G.T9019908118
 European Team Tournament 1990 T9019908118
*Sacrifice Tesuji ProblemsHall, T. MarkL+D19908119
*Natural Way, This is Go the -! Part 7Takemiya MasakiFus19908122-
 Sanren-sei Fus19908122-
 Honinbo Title 1974 T7419908122-
 Takemiya Masaki v. Ishida Yoshio (Honinbo Title 1974, Game 2) GEv19908122-
 Ishida Yoshio v. Takemiya Masaki (Honinbo Title 1974, Game 2) GEv19908122-
*Namur (EGoC 1991), Welcome to - T9119908126
 European Go Congress 1991 T9119908126
*Crossword. Part 8Williams, DerekHum19908127
*Natural Way, This is Go the -! SolutionsTakemiya MasakiTec19908128-
*Eyes and Things SolutionsChandler, BrianL+D19908131-
*Electronic DeathBailey, SteveTCd19908132
 Byo-yomi TCd19908132
*Ladies' Tournament (1990)Macfadyen, MatthewT9019908133-
 British Women's Championship 1990 T9019908133-
 Cross, Alison v. Jones, Alison (British Women's Ch'ship 1990) GEv19908133-
 Jones, Alison v. Cross, Alison (British Women's Ch'ship 1990) GEv19908133-
*Sure Win?Hall, T. MarkLit19908134
 Chinese Opening, The -Kato MasaoLit19908134
 Power of the Star-Point, The -Takagawa KakuLit19908134
 Star-Point, The Power of the -Takagawa KakuLit19908134
*On Unforeseen ConsequencesSmithers, EddiePly19908135
*Gone Missing?Hall, T. MarkTec19908135-
 Shogi Tournament 1990 OGm19908136
 Manchester (Northern Go Congress 1990) T9019908136-
 Northern Go Congress 1990 T9019908136-
 Milton Keynes Tournament 1990 T9019908137
 Shrewsbury Tournament 1990 T9019908137
 Anglo-Japanese Match 1990 T9019908137-
 Japanese-Anglo Match 1990 T9019908137-
 European Grand Prix 1989/90 T9019908138
 Volga Boat Trip Tournament 1990 T9019908138
 Vienna (EGoC 1990) T9019908138
 European Go Congress 1990 T9019908138
 European Grand Prix 1990/91 T9119908138
 La Chaux de Fonds Tournament 1990 T9019908138
 Belgrade Tournament 1990 T9019908138
 Brussels Tournament 1990 T9019908138
*Jigo-Pokery? T911991824
 London Open 1990/91 T911991824
 Barnes, Susan - Trust Prm1991824
 Trust, Susan Barnes - Prm1991824
 Castledine Trust Prm1991824
 Trust, Castledine - Prm1991824
*British Championship (1990) Game 3Macfadyen, MatthewGam1991825
 British Championship 1990 T901991825
 Macfadyen, Matthew v. Rickard, J. (British Ch'ship 1990, Game 3) GEv1991825
 Rickard, John v. Macfadyen, M. (British Ch'ship 1990, Game 3) GEv1991825
*Museums, Go in British -Atkins, TonyArt1991825-
*Natural Way, This is Go the -! Part 8Takemiya MasakiFus1991827-
 Honinbo League 1974 T741991827-
 Rin Kaiho v. Takemiya Masaki (Honinbo League 1974) GEv1991827-
 Takemiya Masaki v. Rin Kaiho (Honinbo League 1974) GEv1991827-
 Old-aged Pensioners Ply19918211
 Linz (European Team Tournament 1990) T9019918211
 European Team Tournament 1990 T9019918211
 North West London Club Clb19918211
 London Club, North West - Clb19918211
 Schools Go on the Isle of Man Tch19918212
 Isle of Man, Schools Go on the - Tch19918212
 Byo-yomi TCd19918212
 Reading Club Clb19918212
*Yose Problem, American -Roads, FrancisYos19918212
**GoScribe and Go WorldHall, T. MarkCNp19918213
**Go World, GoScribe and -Hall, T. MarkCNp19918213
**Professional 9x9 Go. Part 1Hunter, RichardT9019918214-
**9x9 Go, Professional -. Part 1Hunter, RichardT9019918214-
 NHK TV 9x9 Tournament 1990 T9019918214-
 9x9 Tournament 1990, NHK TV - T9019918214-
 Nakazawa Ayako v. Abe Yumiko (NHK TV 9x9 Tournament 1990) G 919918214-
 Abe Yumiko v. Nakazawa Ayako (NHK TV 9x9 Tournament 1990) G 919918214-
 Inoue Naomi v. Hara Sachiko (NHK TV 9x9 Tournament 1990) G 919918215
 Hara Sachiko v. Inoue Naomi (NHK TV 9x9 Tournament 1990) G 919918215
 Mito Yukari v. Shigeno Yuki (NHK TV 9x9 Tournament 1990) G 919918215
 Shigeno Yuki v. Mito Yukari (NHK TV 9x9 Tournament 1990) G 919918215
 Sakakibara Fumiko v. Mizuno H. (NHK TV 9x9 Tournament 1990) G 919918215-
 Mizuno Hiromi v. Sakakibara F. (NHK TV 9x9 Tournament 1990) G 919918215-
*Years AgoAtkins, TonyCou19918216
 British Go History Cou19918216
 History, British Go - Cou19918216
 Japanese Go History Cou19918216
 History, Japanese Go - Cou19918216
*Man Nyun PehFinch, AndyTec19918217
 Ten Thousand Year Ko Tec19918217
 Ko, Ten Thousand Year - Tec19918217
*KomiWedd, NickTCd19918217-
 Auction Komi TCd19918217-
 London Open 1990/91 T9119918217-
*Jubango (1895, Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji). Part 1Barker, TerryTHs19918222-
 Jubango TSy19918222
 Tamura Hoju v. Ishii Senji (Jubango 1895, Game 1) GH119918222-
 Ishii Senji v. Tamura Hoju (Jubango 1895, Game 1) GH119918222-
*Yose Problem: HintRoads, FrancisYos19918224
*Electronics in GoKing, PaulCom19918225-
**Overtime and Flexible KomiGrant, AndrewTCd19918226-
**Komi, Overtime and Flexible -Grant, AndrewTCd19918226-
 London Open 1990/91 T9119918226-
* Joseki, New -Terry, BobJos19918227
*Schools GoAtkins, TonyTou19918227-
 British Schools Team Championship Tou19918227-
*Past Masters. Part 6Finch, AndyHum19918229
*Handicap Game, A -Holroyd, FredGam19918230-
 Holroyd, Fred v. Brakes, Bill GH419918230-
 Brakes, Bill v. Holroyd, Fred GH419918230-
*Crossword. Part 9Williams, DerekHum19918232
*Sacrifice Tesuji SolutionsHall, T. MarkL+D19918233
*Beginner's Corner. Part 1Terry, BobL+D19918234
* Joseki, New -: Hint 1Terry, BobJos19918235
*Library, Go in the -Moore, RobinPub19918235-
* Joseki, New -: Hint 2Terry, BobJos19918236
*Ko ProblemsHall, T. MarkL+D19918237
 Bournemouth Tournament 1990 T9019918238
 European Grand Prix 1990/91 T9119918238
 Gothenburg Tournament 1990 T9019918238
 Anglo-Japanese Match 1990 T9019918238
 Japanese-Anglo Match 1990 T9019918238
 West Surrey Teach-in 1990 Tch19918238-
 British Championship 1990 T9019918239
 World Women's Amateur Championship 1990 T9019918239
 Denver/CO (US Go Congress 1990) T9019918239
 US Go Congress 1990 T9019918239
 Furze Platt Go Party 1990 T9019918239
 London Open 1990/91 T9119918239
 Promotions Rat19918239

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