Jon Diamond

The aim of this committee is to publish a high-quality Journal for the benefit of members and any other printed and online publications such as publicity materials (Flyers, Introduction to Go etc.).

Role Job Description Person
British Go Journal Editor

The Journal Editor is responsible for the production of up to four editions of the Journal every year. Distribution is handled by the Membership Secretary.

The main tasks that need to be undertaken to produce it are the collation, selection and layout of the Journal contents in preparation for printing. This includes the production of game diagrams (also in a format for the website) and typesetting. Another task is liaising with the printers.

Maintaining and expanding the pool of contributors, and developing content through commissioning and discussions with contributors, is also of great importance.

Bob Scantlebury
British Go Journal Editorial Consultant

Advises and assists the editor of the Journal.

Barry Chandler
Newsletter Editor

Responsible for producing electronic Newsletters per year and inserts into the BGJ. The Newsletter contains recent news and tournament results and also contact information for forthcoming tournaments.

Jil Segerman
Publicity Material

Responsible for producing new editions of publicity materials.

Roger Huyshe

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