Council Meeting Minutes - 2013-07-08

Minutes of British Go Association Council Meeting (13f)

Held at: online via skype conference call, 8th July 2013

Present: Council members: Brian Brunswick, Jonathan Chin, John Collins, Jon Diamond, Fred Holroyd, Roger Huyshe, Toby Manning

The meeting was opened at 20:04.

[1] Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Colin Maclennan.


The purpose of the skype call was to brief Roger in preparation for the EGF AGM at which he was to be the BGA representative. Discussion revolved around the proposals and bids available at:

Toby noted that Council was advising Roger but not mandating how he should vote. Roger had discretion to vote as he saw fit, based on the issues.


  • France
    • no handicaps in top group of rated tournament
      • opinion of Council mixed
      • Roger to use discretion
    • increase lower range of ratings from 20 kyu to 30 kyu
      • Council strongly agreed
  • Germany
    • payments
      • Council strongly in favour
      • Toby summarised his discussion with Michael Marz
  • Romania
    • voting weights
      • Council agreed with concept
      • no opinion on implementation
    • ability of executive to take decisions not only after EGM
      • insufficient details to form opinion
    • rules regarding European Go Congress
      • Jon in favour of some minimal rules, including accounts and progress
      • Toby questioned the role of an observer
      • Toby asked if EGF has any control after a congress is awarded
      • gist of proposal seemed good but details were questionable
      • Roger to use discretion
  • Ireland
    • youth team championship
      • Council agreed
  • UK
    • cancel European Cup
      • Toby outlined proposal to Roger
      • no need to push if strong opposition
    • ratings display
      • Jon would give Roger more details in separate meeting
      • proposal mainly to sound out international feeling
  • Rules Commission
    • European Team Championship A-team size increase
      • Council mildly against because of the logistics
  • France / Martin Stiassny
    • European Championship rules amendments
      • Toby thought basis for changes was ill-founded
      • Jon thought changes were too frequent
      • not clear that proposal was an improvement
  • Czechia / Ales Celpy
    • European Championship rules amendments
      • same response as to French amendments
      • Jon argued for stability

Expected Bids

  • EGC 2017: Turkey
    • Toby did not think Turkey was an appropriate choice
    • Jon thought it needed to demonstrate ability first

There was no strong opinion on the other bids.

[3] AOB

Members-only Area

There had been a lot of discussion on the Go Talk mailing list about the proposed members area. Toby and Roger thought an official response was needed, sooner rather than later. Jon suggested the discussion be moved to bga-policy. Roger thought it was not clear whether officials invovlved in the discussion were commenting in an official or personal capacity. Toby thought Paul Barnard had not had enough support from Council. Council would discuss by email and then issue an official response.

The meeting closed at 21:13

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