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Learn to Play Go Week

As most of you are probably aware there has been an announcement about an international Learn to Play Go week from GoGameGuru:

"On Saturday, September 13, 2014, we’re going to go out into our local community and run a small Go teaching event. And we hope that you’ll join us – by organizing your own modest, local Go demonstration. If you already do this from time to time...

31-Jul-14 31-Jul-14
New Officials

I'm pleased to be able to announce that the following people have been appointed as Officials of our organisation:

  • Gerry Gavigan as the London Open Organiser
  • Maria Tabor as our new Marketing Manager

I'd like to welcome both of them on board - Please give them all they help they need.

13-Jul-14 13-Jul-14
New Tournament Registration System

Thanks to John Collins we now have a new system to handle online Registration for our Tournaments. This does not handle any payments, but allows anyone to enter a tournament using a simple online form, provide an ICS calendar entry and also look at the list of publicly available entrants.

This system is available as a free service to any Tournament Organiser who is a BGA member.

It provides a number of options for specifying...

04-Feb-14 15-Mar-17
New Trifold Leaflet

A draft update to our Trifold flyer has been produced and we'd like your comments on it, before its printed later this year.

The major changes are:

  • Front now reflects the format of the Play Go booklet
  • Membership secretary change
  • Subscription rate changes
  • Introduction of "Brief Rules" section

It's available here.

10-May-12 10-May-12
News Survey

HELP NEEDED: we want to find out more about how you access our news, as you may have seen advertised in the Spring 2012 issue of the British Go Journal, so that we can serve you better.

This is especially important because our printed Newsletter will cease from the April 2012 issue and we need help in deciding how/what to replace it with.

So please can you fill in the...

23-Jan-12 23-Jan-12
Paul Smith and Maria Tabor to retire from Council

Although I've written in the forthcoming British Go Journal that all Council members are offering themselves for re-election, it turns out that two of the existing members have recently decided not to for a variety of personal reasons.

We thank them for their efforts and hope that they will still continue working with the BGA to promote and develop Go in the UK.

Nominations for Council members are therefore solicited - this...

20-Mar-13 20-Mar-13
Play Go introductory booklet now available

The revised version of our Play Go Booklet has now been printed and is available in quantity. A number of copies have been distributed to all BGA clubs.

Copies will be available at most tournaments, but if you can't get to a tournament soon enough for your requirements then please contact the BGA Secretary to request some to be posted to you. A nominal charge may be made...

16-Aug-10 16-Aug-10
Student membership rate reduced dramatically

For some while Council has been focusing its Clubs and Membership recruitment and development attention on the building up of University clubs.

There are a number of issues in the creation and support of these which we have been working on, but one of these issues is that students are extremely price sensitive and that in the digital age they now expect to receive almost all their information electronically, with printed material...

01-Aug-14 01-Aug-14
Subscriptions Policy Consultation

The AGM will be considering a proposal from Council on subscriptions. Council is initiating a discussion on some aspects of subscription policy on the bga-policy mailing list with to get some member feedback, preferably before the AGM.

If you want to join the discussion please join this list (you need to be a BGA member) and search the archive for postings made on and after 15th March.

15-Mar-12 15-Mar-12
World Amateur Championship

In May this year we told you that Francis Roads should have been our nominated representative at this year's World Amateur, but there had been some miscommunications and that, at a very late stage, Sam Aitken had stepped in to represent us.

As you're probably aware our policy is that the person with the highest number of points in this table, subject to a number of conditions will...

23-Dec-12 23-Dec-12
Youth Development: Can you help?

Our most pressing requirement is for people to help with a number of activities in our Youth Development area, helping Paul Smith. Some of these are smallish activities and can be done from your own home, so if you can spend some time please contact Paul to discuss what he needs and how he can fit the time you have available and the sort of thing you would like to do in to his programme of...

07-Dec-11 10-Dec-11