Go on the Internet

Sites on the World Wide Web

With internet access, you will be able to read pages about Go on the World Wide Web. There are many of them, and most of them include lists of links to other such pages or pages on other sites.

If you do a "web search" for Go-related pages, you will find that Go is a useless word to search for. Try baduk (Korean) and weiqi (Chinese) instead. Baduk is the better of these, giving few false positives (it is a word in Basque) whereas Weiqi is also a Chinese personal name.

You might also try

囲碁  Japanese for Go
圍棋  Traditional Chinese for Go
围棋  Simplified Chinese for Go

Playing Go against someone else

There are several Go servers out there, where you can play in real time or by correspondance.

Social Networking Sites

The internet has various social networking sites. We have a presence on two of them. If you use another, why not help set us up on that too?

Facebook We have had a group on Facebook since March 2007 and well as the usual features, such as the message wall which includes our RSS news feed, we invite Facebook members to announce forthcoming Go events.

Twitter We (britgo) have been posting tweets, with links to our website, off and on since April 2009.

Discuss Go by Email

There are several Go-related mailing lists which you can join. The way a mailing list works works is that an item of email, sent once to the address of the mailing list, is automatically forwarded to all members of the list.

You often join or leave a mailing list by sending a message to a robot. The robot will only be able to read straight text. So if you send it html, or anything else other than plain ascii text, it will not work. Most failed attempts to join mailing lists are caused by Outlook Express deciding to send email in mime, html, or some other format, without its user realising that it is doing this. Also, some software won't permit the sending of an empty subject - if you have this problem, set the subject to a single space.

Some lists are joined by filling in a form on a web page.

Information about unsubscribing, lost passwords and so on, for our lists, is also available via each list's information page.

Mailing List How to join How to leave Address to send to the list

An open mailing list run on behalf of the British Go Association. It is a forum for all British Go players, for general discussion of the game of Go.

Visit http://lists.britgo.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/gotalk.

You will find some general information about the list and a form where you can fill in your email address and a password.

After you have clicked the "subscribe" button wait to receive an email with a title like "gotalk -- confirmation of subscription -- request 123456" The purpose of this message is to prevent other people subscribing you to the list against your will. Please reply to this message according to the instructions.

Some time later you will receive an email with the title "Welcome to the gotalk mailing list".

The welcome email tells you how to unsubscribe. gotalk@britgo.org
BGA Policy

Open only to Association members. It enables you to discuss how the Association is run; what opportunities it should be taking advantage of; and what its policies should be. Council may also make policy announcements on this list.

This list helps Council to be more aware of members' views when it takes decisions.

As a member login to our website and you'll see the latest Forum topics shown at the bottom left hand side of the page. Click on the heading there to get a list of Forums.

If you want to get new posts sent by email to you then go to your user page and change the Notification settings.

Only Admin people can unsubscribe you, but there's no need to do so. You can't make posting via email; you have to do so online.
UK Youth Go Visit http://lists.britgo.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/youth-go and follow the instructions. You may choose between receiving messages individually, or receiving a daily "digest" containing all messages for that day.

Your subscription will be held for approval by the list maintainer.

Unsubscribe via the same webpage (bottom section). youth-go@britgo.org
Computer Go Visit http://computer-go.org/mailman/listinfo/computer-go and follow the instructions. Unsubscribe via the same webpage (bottom section). computer-go@computer-go.org

Bulletin Boards about Go

The internet has several bulletin boards (discussion boards, message boards) about Go. Some examples are:

Go Software Download Sites

If you want to download software that is related to Go, there are various sites where you can get it. We provide links to free and shareware items in the Our Software Catalogue.

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