Youth Grand Prix 2019

Tournament Name: 
Youth Grand Prix
Tournament Date: 
1 January 2019 - 31 December 2019

These are the current standings in the 2019 Youth Grand Prix,
after the Pair Go, Durham and the Welsh Open.

The top 3 players at the end of any current calendar year win cash prizes.

Ryan Zhang13k London 725
Alexander Hsieh8k Cambridge 390
Caleb Monk11k King's College Juniors 370
Edmund Smith3k Cambridge 340
Emily Oliviere18k Harpenden Academy340
Oliver Bardsley20k Harpenden Academy330
Sam Barnett15k Cheadle Hulme 320
Amy Upton14k Cheadle Hulme 310
Joseph Curtis16k Cheadle Hulme 310
Lizzy Pollitt18k Cheadle Hulme 300
Megan Upton17k Cheadle Hulme 290
Rowan Borrow12k Cheadle Hulme 280
Daniel Gascoyne14k Cheadle Hulme 260
Rahul Supaneni16k Cheadle Hulme 250
Morgan Pittaway25k Cheadle Hulme 220
Charlotte Bexfield7k Letchworth 210
Zoe Walters17k Cambridge 200
Daniel Liu30k London194
Eden Stanbra19k Cheadle Hulme 190
Hilary Bexfield16k Letchworth 180
Auden Oliviere25k Harpenden Academy172
Julia Volovich20k Cambridge168
Trixie Ives O'Brian23k Harpenden164
Abdul-Ghani Farooqi30k Cheadle Hulme 160
Ben Geertman22k Cheadle Hulme 160
Dayn Odei 25k Harpenden156
Kaylyn Owusu30k Harpenden150
Darin Odei 30k Harpenden144
Adrian Kabashi20k Letchworth140
Alexander Timperi16k Imperial College 140
Monty Ives O'Brian23k Harpenden136
Elliot Barlow18k Cheadle Hulme 130
Inaaya Owusu38k Harpenden130
Rohan Neelala16kManchester130
Sam Kortland34k Cheadle Hulme 120
Ellia Blundell35k Cheadle Hulme 100
Hugo Ryan35k Cheadle Hulme 100
Velko Trifanov20k Harpenden 100
Ali Moin35k Cheadle Hulme 80
David Baldwin18k Letchworth80
George Han3k London80
Lawrence Baker20k Oxford80
Leuming Yang16k Oxford80
Andrew Volovich Cambridge76
Annie Walters Cambridge76
Ben Lindsey Letchworth76
Keira Haden Harpenden76
Odysseas Jones-Roumeliotis Cambridge 76
Stanley Olejniczak Huntingdon76
Toby Evans Cambridge 76
Dominic Valiukas Huntingdon64
Faye Lindsey Letchworth64
Arlo Kain30k Cheadle Hulme 60
Charlotte Summers32k Cheadle Hulme 60
Joal Emmerson37k Cheadle Hulme 60
Scott Cobbold6k No Club 60
Yifeng Yang20k Oxford60
Digby Ives O'Brian Harpenden 52
Florence Linton Cambridge 52
Lara Daniels Harpenden 52
Tom Bradbury2kCheadle Hulme50
Sasha Daniels Harpenden 46
Shiwen Zhao35k No Club40
Shoshi Wertheim35k Cheadle Hulme 40
Yanyi Xiong15k Cambridge40

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